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Huge Reception, Need Help

My FI and I live on the East Coast and all our family is out West, so we decided to have our reception in LV. We are going to get married where we live and then fly out there a few days later, but our parents want us to invite everyone, and honestly I want all of our family and friends to come. This is going to put a serious strain on our budget since we are talking possibly up to 200 people. We just don't have the $10-20 grand that most packages I have seen cost. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to a place that can hold that many people, but still provide a decent reception package for under $10 grand? Or am I just dreaming? We don't really care where in Vegas it is, and we don't really care if there is dancing, but I would like some kind of music option and food. Any ideas?

Re: Huge Reception, Need Help

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    You can do it but you'll have to plan carefully.  First things first; is the $20k what you want to spend in total or just for the reception piece?  i.e. is it $20k for your home ceremony, invites, travel to Vegas, etc. or is that a separate item and $20k is going just to reception?

    Once you have that figure, you have to factor in the fact that there's an 8.1% sales tax and that any served setting, which you'd typically have to do to handle a crowd of that size, is also typically going to have a 20% 'service charge'; i.e. tips for the wait staff.  So before you even get started you really have $14400 to work with from a getting quotes perspective, if your budget is $20k.

    Fortunately that's still $72 per person and that's a pretty decent amount.  My recommendation would be to try to have everything at one resort, because transporting 200 people would not be easy to deal with, or cheap, and asking that many people to cab it to another venue from where most are staying would also be bad.

    So, with that being the case, let's clarify the budget first, and then can you tell us where you think you might want to have everyone stay and/or what type of setting you're looking for?  i.e. contemporary, classic, what kind of food do you prefer, do you want open bar for sure, just beer & wine, so on and so forth.  We can give you a bunch of ideas to look at once we narrow down the scope.

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  • I think that after we figure out our ceremony here and pay for flights and our room we will have about $10,000 to spend. We are a year out, so we are still talking about it. His family lives about five hours away, and mine live about seven or so, so if we do it early enough in the day I am betting most people will drive in right to the site, and drive home after. Since everyone is driving in transportation shouldn't be an issue if people do decide to stay someplace. As far as the setting, I don't think I really have an idea in mind. I have kind of looked at a bunch of different things, and I like them all. 
    As for a bar beer and wine should be fine, and I'm thinking about doing hors d'oeuvre to save some money. I have a very open pallet, while my FI is a little more picky. I'd rather have a more simple venue then have less people.

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    I don't have any personal feedback on this location, but I just googled "inclusive las vegas wedding packages" and came across Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center.  It's a golf course/private gated community 7 miles from the strip.  Some of their packages begin at $32 per person for dinner, not including tax and service charge, and you can also have the ceremony there as well.  There might be a minimum spending requirement, but nonetheless, I think it might be worth checking out.  :)

  • What about emerald at queensridge. They quoted me about $8500 for 100 people ceremony and buffet reception. Beautiful venue too.

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  • What about emerald at queensridge. They quoted me about $8500 for 100 people ceremony and buffet reception. Beautiful venue too.

    Emerald@ Queensridge is really pretty. A knottie had her ceremony and reception there awhile back and her pics were beautiful. It is a bit of a distance from the strip.
    The Grove is off-strip too but might be an option. My cousin attended a wedding at Tahiti Village last spring and said it was nice. No idea what the menu/cost options are for either one though.
    M Resort also has a banquet facility. There are a few YouTube videos of receptions there posted by a private wedding planner. 
  • I looked at Emerald and they are stating $10,500 for 100 people, but I would have to pay an additional premium amount for the month of May. Wedgewood looks really good though.
  • Have you looked at the Ritz of Las Vegas?  I went to a wedding there a couple years ago and the food was good, they have two rooms and decorations are nice as well.  

    We checked it out for ours, but ended up wanting to stay on the strip.  It was by far the cheapest option we looked at. 
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  • 200 people for $10k budget may be a bit difficult.  Taking out the tax and service charge, that only leaves $36/pp.  You'll likely have to cut out booze at that price point and do a buffet-style off-strip resort.  I would not count on people wanting to drive in and leave the same day by holding the event in the afternoon; I don't know anyone that would drive a few hours for an event, not drink/party, and then drive a few more hours back home, particularly when it's Vegas.  Since it will likely have to be off-strip though, the resort/venue you choose should have reasonable rates to stay.

    I'd definitely look at the places mentioned previously, particularly the M as I've heard good things about them.

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  • Red Rock Station has a very large room/suite at the top of the hotel with beautiful views. I think it can accommodate a larger group. There are pics on the website and catering menus as well.
  • Ugh, I feel your pain. I am in the same boat. We're doing our ceremony/reception at Caesars and have superbly exceeded our budget from the service charge, tax, hidden costs etc. Luckily it's ok, but I would seriously attempt to decrease the guest list size as the majority of the cost is directly proportional to the number of people.

    We were initially looking at 100pp and when everything is send/done are at 130-140pp. Open bar is what is driving up our price, so if that negotiable you'll decrease the costs no matter where you have the reception.
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    FWIW, We are more than likely choosing Wedgewood for our ceremony and reception. We toured the venue last week and although they are currently going through a remodel, the place is stunning. It's right behind Sam's Town Hotel and Casino.  

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  • The M has a 10k minimum for weekend nights before tax and service charge, but is a lovely venue. The only thing we didn't like was that it used to be a restaurant so it's long with room partitions, which makes it hard for every table to see the head/sweetheart table if you want one. If you cut alcohol you may be able to do it right around their minimum though. The most budget friendly place I've seen is Victoria's Family, though I doubt they can hold 200. Maybe if you put tables on the dance floor and crowded the tables (and uncrowd if you get declines), and I think it's in your budget even with some alcohol. Emerald is lovely but it's $95+tax&servixe for anyone over 100 guests.
  • Silverton is pretty inexpensive, maybe $25pp?
  • The Silverton has the Veil and it's gorgeous.

    There's also The Secret Garden and I've been to 5 weddings there. 1 Was horrible but I have a feeling my friend was demanding. @ were medicore and cheesy but the other 2 were outdoors and amazing.

  • Thank you so much for your comments. I am looking seriously at Wedgewood, but I will look into Silverton and the Secret Garden. It is so hard since we can't tour any of these places. Does anyone know if any of these places have a military discount or anything? 
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