Marriage License in Washington County?

Hi has anyone got there marriage license in Washington county? All I could find on there website was very confusing. It was a lot about orphans and "Monday:License issued not before Thursday". Maybe I just had too much sun this weekend! lol! But I think its $40 for the marriage license and you go to the orphans court division? I'm not completely sure. This is the site that I found:

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Re: Marriage License in Washington County?

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    SteelrsGrl92SteelrsGrl92 member
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    I went a few weeks ago...they close @ 430 so you have to be there by 4, it is $40 and it's right at the court house! HTH :)

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    jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
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    don't worry about the orphan's court part-
    there is a waiting period in PA, so my guess is that it is telling you that if you apply for the license on monday it will not be issues before thursday.

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