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Custom Bridal Shoes

Has anyone ordered shoes from I saw an advertisement on my Facebook page for them so I checked it out and you can pretty much make any type of shoe you want with a ton of options for fabric. I designed a shoe and it was almost $200 so I wanted to see if anyone had tried them before committing that much money.

Re: Custom Bridal Shoes

  • This store seems legit. I follow a fashion blogger who did a review of the company/a pair of shoes a few years ago and her review was very positive:

    They're in Australia and it sounds like shipping to the States can be spendy, so I'd probably try to find something a little more local, unless I had a specific idea in mind of exactly what I wanted and no one carried it. 
  • When I was on the site the other day they were actually offering free shipping. I thought I found shoes that I liked, but then I changed my mind. I'm just having a hard time finding something that goes with my ivory lace dress. I don't want silver because my jewelry is gold and I need something with a not too high heel. It has seriously limited my options.
  • What color and style are you wanting? If they can customize something perfect for you that you're not finding anywhere else (and you can get free shipping), then go for it! 
  • That's the problem I don't know what color to get. I was leaning towards gold or ivory and those aren't hugely popular colors. I found 1 pair of Manolos, but I don't really love them so I think I may just try this site. It's less than the Manolos and I can make them exactly what I want :)
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