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This wedding planner does planning both in NJ and GA, but I believe most of her planning occurs in Atlanta.  My final email to this wedding planner basically spells our final experience with this vendor. The planning  process had it's kinks but went smoother than the wedding day execution (which was the most important thing). We spoke after I sent this, she adequately addressed one of our concerns and said she would address other concerns and get back to us. That was a month ago....Here's the email (edited and shortened version b/c of review space restrictions, but it sums up the major things):

Hello Sarah-Jane,

Wale and I received your message. We were hesitant to reach out immediately after the wedding because we were trying to process much of the feedback we received from our wedding guests and from our personal experience of the wedding itself. We were very pleased with the decor, Rev. Gloria, the cake, and the photographer as well, but unfortunately we were quite disappointed with much of the logistical execution of many things that were pre-planned regardless of the delay. Here are some of the following grievances:

- There were more than several guests who did not have an opportunity to eat or get any food. Many of the people waiting in line for food reported seeing you and your team sitting and eating before the guests had a chance to finish getting their food. We thought that was highly unprofessional and inappropriate. And the guests also felt the same way.

- My bridesmaids reported an altercation with Sarafina over the money that was being picked up off of the ground on me and Wale's behalf. Sarafina felt that it would be appropriate to collect her $40 from the gift money behind our backs as opposed to directly coming to us for the money. One of my bridesmaids had to collect the money from her and there was also a verbal altercation because of it. Highly unprofessional and inevitably a form of theft.

- Given the fact that there was a delay in starting, we felt that there was no initiative to try and keep the program moving accordingly given the limited time that we had the space available. Many of the decisions seemed to fall back on us and we were reliant on you and your team to keep things moving especially with the delay as a factor.

- Much of the feedback that we received about you and your team from the bridesmaids and guests (both Nigerian and Non-Nigerian) included the terms: "extremely rude", "unorganized", "unprofessional", and "incompetent". We were asked by several people if this was the first wedding that you had ever coordinated.

These things were very disappointing to hear and difficult for me to process given the time, communication, and efforts that we have both put into the wedding over the past year and few months. We are still processing all of this and trying to figure out how to proceed with the information. We wanted to make sure that these things were communicated to you despite our needed time to reflect and process everything. We know that the Nigerian crowd is quite aggressive and a handful to manage, but from our previous discussions you indicated you had prior experience with Nigerian weddings, therefore we felt confident that you would be able to take on the task. Additionally, our guests highly complimented our other vendors and service providers who had no experience with Nigerian crowds, but remained professional and polite despite the challenges. We hope this email finds you well.
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