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Some Children, Not All - What about Nephew?

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My FI and I have decided that we're going to have some children at our wedding, however we're limiting this to out-of-town guests who are liking to stay one or two night when they arrive in town for our wedding (IE children are invited if you'll be traveling more than 4 hours to get to us).  My FI and I have agreed to this and most friends with children agree who live close to us agree.  'It's easier to find a one night babysitter than a babysitter for the whole weekend." 

My dilemma is his nephew and his soon-to-be sibling.   He'll be 4 at the time of the wedding and the baby will be 8 months old, both parents will be IN the wedding.  By our OOT cut off, they would not be invited.  We don't plan on having ring bearers or flower girls, so the only reason he would be invited is because he's his nephew.  My question is do we make an exception for them, and if so, how do we make that exception ok when we're not inviting kids from my side who live in our town?

Additional info:  I love his nephew dearly, but he can be a handful, and I worry if he and his sibling are at the wedding his parents will be completely caught up with them and won't be able to enjoy the wedding with us.   Note: Her family lives where they do and could definitely babysit the two for the weekend so they would have a babysitter.

Re: Some Children, Not All - What about Nephew?

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    First, you don't know for sure that her family could help babysit. They may have plans of their own or just don't feel like it, so you really shouldn't assume that. Second, they can decide for themselves if they will find their own children to be too much of a handful for them to enjoy their evening.  Is it possible to have immediate family children and OOT children? I would be kind of annoyed if I were your brother or his wife. 

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