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Is there anywhere on the strip that has fireworks show? We would like to have photos with fireworks as the back drop.

Re: Fireworks?

  • I should also say that we were thinking about May 2014, the weekend before Memorial Day. We are not completely set on the date yet.

  • Only time there are fireworks is July 4th. No one does them on a nightly or regular basis.
  • They also have fireworks for New's an awesome show all along the strip!
  • Does anyone have an idea what the strip is like on 4th? Is it really busy? A few of my group were thinking of doing this- Does anyone have an idea if this would be good, if they've been there at this time before?
  • To OP, the 4th of July fireworks aren't on strip, they're done by several off strip casinos. New years at midnight is the only time the strip does fireworks, and while impressive, they are at midnight and new years eve is the single most expensive night of the year to get a hotel here. To spoon, it's busy but not the worst. I live here and memorial day and labor day are generally worse, with the 4th being a Thursday this year it will be more crowded than a normal weekend but it shouldn't be insane. Do note the strip is ALWAYS crowded, so it might still feel pretty crazy. I haven't heard about this event but the smith center itself is gorgeous and is a lovely place to see something.
  • Thanks alot, annathy03, for the info. The Bellagio Fountains may be the backdrop we use :)
  • The fountains are gorgeous. If it's crowded when you do pics try the escalator to the left that leads to the bellagio casino, you can see them from the south side in that corridor with fewer passer-bys. There are also places inside the bellagio your photographer may know that would be nice.
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