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Venues that let you bring in alcohol?

I'm new to the local board but have been looking for a venue for months.  One thing I haven't seen yet is a venue that lets you bring in your own alcohol and then pay for bartenders/corkage and security.  I know it's not uncommon elsewhere in the country as several friends and family members have done it, but I was wondering if any around here do so I can check them out.  Has anyone found a Vegas venue with this feature?

FWIW we're looking at 150 guests and trying to stay reasonably close to the strip- we don't want our guests to feel like they have to stay too far away from the other area attractions they'll be interested in, as approx 90% will be OOT.

Re: Venues that let you bring in alcohol?

  • I dont know of any, but have you looked into an In-suite reception? I think that you can pay the carter corkage fees to take care of it. But I am not a 100% sure.
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    If this is a primary consideration for you, I'd oddly suggest calling a few Vegas liquor stores for recommendations. I'm sure they've talked to a lot of customers who are buying booze for weddings.
  • I think The Secret Garden allows it if your reception is 21 and over. My friend wanted large tin tubs filled with ice and roses and they had bottles of beer, bottle of soda and mini champagnes in them.
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