vendor reviews and my last WOT ever :)

we're back from mexico and sad to have returned to the tundra..but we'll survive! HM was very relaxing-we did not one thing besides read, sleep and eat...except for my trip to the spa. we never left the resort, did not sight see, and could not be happier. if only we could have stayed one more week..! moving on to reviews...

The LeMont, A+
Bill Laughlin answered my emails quickly and never uttered the word "no." He was more than accommodating and I was able to rely on him for anything and everything. The venue was amazing, the wait staff was fabulous and the food was unbelievable. I was afraid when I dropped off our boxes of stuff and would not be able to help set the room up or see it before our guests that a disaster would occur and it would all be set up wrong. I was relieved to find that it had been set up even better than I had requested it be done!  I had a wonderful experience with everyone at The LeMont. Even more exciting was that we found the banquet manager had dropped an envelope in our cardbox with a $100 gift certificate in it. Yay!!!

Jenni Grace Photography, A+
She was as amazing as we expected, and then some!  Her assistant, Carson, was equally amazing.  We took pictures outside for hours and they were troopers!  Our first stop was to the ice rink and without us even asking Carson rented a pair of skates to get on the ice with us for the sake of pictures!  We would never have asked such a thing (cameras are far too expensive), so we were so thrilled when she offered!  Jenni even stuck around for an extra hour that night, without charging, bc dinner lasted a half hour longer than planned and messed up our timeline.  We heart Jenni!!

KS Kennedy Floral, A+
I chose Kerry bc I felt that we meshed perfectly and that I would be comfortable enough to tell him if he put together something that I didn't like.  And I was right!  We went through a few centerpiece mock ups before getting it right, and I never felt guilty for telling him it wasn't what I wanted and he never took offense.  He even fielded an unannounced visit from my bridezilla self and immediately calmed my anxiety!  He did an amazing job, and for an amazing price.  He also did our chair covers, which he booked through Pittsburgh Chair. 

Signature Desserts, B+
Our cake was replicated exactly like the picture that I gave them and tasted good (not great, but good. It's cake, and cake doesn't thrill me all that much).  Our desserts and cookies were equally as good (except for the linzer torte, but we already knew it wasn't going to be any good, we had eaten it before).  Linda irked me in our final meeting though.  She was pretty forceful when insisting that I change one of our desserts from the pumpkin cheesecake to the linzer torte, but it isn't like she held a gun to my head, so it's my own fault for agreeing. I knew the torte wasn't very good, but agreed anyways. I'm an idiot. When I gave her the picture for the cake we wanted, she informed me that the bows would be ordered from a catalog and cost more, which was fine. When I realized I couldn't use my cake topper, I asked her to cut the bows and not order them (this was still in our final mtg). She refused. She said the bows were necessary to making the cake look like presents, though I honestly never even realized that was what they were supposed to look like. I asked if we could put the cake topper in the center of the bow, and she refused that idea as well.  I gave up the fight (and gave the cake topper to the LeMont, who put it in the cake anyways and I think it looked just fine). My last request was about a grooms cake.  After talking for a few minutes she shut her book and told me to save the money for a grooms cake, since i was unemployed. Funny, I was trying to give her more business for a cake that my mom had offered to pay for, and she was slightly rude and condescending with her response. I went elsewhere for the cake, since she refused to do it. Linda sure does like to refuse to do things sometimes. In any case, their desserts were good!

Creative Cakes (Grooms Cake), B
I felt that the cake could have looked better and less like I could have done most of it myself.  Gwen kept trying to put the name on the jersey UNDER the number, rather than above it, where any name on the back of any jersey is placed, so this concerned me. She was snippy about making sure the cake was picked up in the right time frame (they were not delivering on new years day), after I had already confirmed with her that it would be picked up on time for sure. The fact that she doesn't take credit cards was just one more annoyance. The cake tasted amazing though (choc cake with rasp fudge filling), and I actually liked it better than our wedding cake (the tirimasu filling was DH's choice, not mine).  DH liked the thought behind the cake for him just the same though.

DJ Bill Bara (Creative Nightlife), A+
I graduated HS with Bill and was excited to hear he was moving from dj'ing in clubs (Town Tavern, Matrix, KroBar) to weddings. I had been hesitating over hiring a man with white hair and a cd collection to do our wedding, so Bill was a godsend. All of his music is digital, so if there is something you want that he doesn't happen to have, he can get it (we wanted some toned down punk music during dinner that he was able to get for us, so this was helpful).  I gave him little direction with the music and let him run with it.  Needless to say, he and his gf, Denise, did an AMAZING job!  People danced all night long and had so much fun because of him and his music choice.  I learned that  night that there were guests dancing that had never danced before in their lives, but bc it looked like so much fun they decided to join in. Even I danced at my own wedding, and for anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT DANCE EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Bill was absolutely fantastic! I also found out that he had set a video camera up on a tripod and taped everything for us! We didn't want a videographer, and had planned to hand a video camera to the BP to tape things, but never got around to it. He is giving us a copy at no extra charge. Bill also does not charge overtime (and The LeMont didn't care what time we left), so it made the fact that dinner ran over very easy to deal with since nobody was charging OT to stick around! I can't say enough good things about Bill-he was the glue of our wedding reception!!

Makeup-Stacy Crivelli, A+
A friend of ours, who is a former makeup artist for Clinique, did all of our makeup and she was fabulous!!  In fact, Monica Kitta highly suggested that she get in to doing bridal parties on the side, so she is going to start working on that. If anyone wants her contact info, let me know!

Hair-Monica Kitta, A+
As expected, Monica was amazing!  She did my hair the day off much tighter and pulled together than the trial, which I was happy about. She stuck around to do hair for anyone else that wanted to jump in (my cousin & makeup artist took her up on this) and she was fun to have around with us that morning!

Noteworthy, A+
Lauren did our STD's and invites, and they were perfect!  Guests were complimenting us on our invites even at the wedding.  People saved the STD's to show off to others bc they liked them so much. Lauren was great to work with and was super accommodating!

Amore Limo, A+
They picked everyone up on time and were easy going while we made impulsive decisions as to where to go for pictures. They were also very, very reasonable and let us split our time once.

Table Talk (linens), A+
I only talked with Kathy over the phone, but she was helpful and easy to work with. I only requested full length black linens and solid black napkins, so it wasn't a complicated order. But it looked good and she dropped off the linens without needing to talk to me. I had 3 phonecalls with her. Nice & easy.

The Radisson, A+
I did not stay here, but I heard no complaints from our guests that did. I worked with Sara Martin to set up the block, and she was easy to deal with. She even made it work when I asked for an exception to the rule of not putting names on the OOT baskets, which was very kind of her. The hotel charges $40 for a shuttle to town, which I did not set up..that was the only downside to the hotel. But they charged a rate of $90, so for guests that wanted something cheaper than The Hilton, this was an option.

The Hilton, F (or E,for those of you that went to schools where there E's instead of F's)
They just sucked, in capital letters.  The shuttle that they promised me ran every day, was shut down for the day of our wedding (OOT family had booked there relying on that shuttle), and they were less than helpful in resolving the situation. At one point they actually recanted their promise to compensate taxi cab fares, claiming they never said they would (I have a slew of witnesses that state otherwise). DH & I waited 35 min for a bellman to bring us a cart for checkout before giving up and taking most of it down ourselves. We found an empty lobby and a bored bellman, who acknowledged getting a request from us that he apparently did not care about. When he went up to the room with me, he scoffed at how we did not need his help (all that was left was my dress, which i wanted to hang to take down if I could) and then walked back to the lobby with me bitching about how people don't tip him. hmmm...I wonder why. I sent an email to my contact at the hotel to complain, and he never acknowledged my email. Their rooms were fabulous, but their hospitality sucked majorly. I was embarrassed I had advised my guests to stay there!

I think that's everyone. I am stoked to have had everything, minus the hotel, turn out so well!  At this point, I am going to start working on fading myself off of the boards, now that I'm married and have no more planning to do!  I'll probably stick around through the month so I can see the rest of the January girls tackle their weddings, but other than that I feel it is time for me to begin the task of moving on.

KR: I don't have your knottie email for the vedor lists, but I would like to add some of my vendors. Obviously I want the Hilton on the bad list (here we were concerned about their construction and impulsively shutting down..turns out, that is not a problem, but their hospitality is). I would like The LeMont, Jenni, KS Floral, Noteworthy , Stacy Crivelli & DJ Bill Bara put on the recommended list. Thx!

Re: vendor reviews and my last WOT ever :)

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    Congrats again, and welcome back! Sorry to hear about the Hilton and that lady from Signature Desserts. (I cannot believe she told you to save your money, since you're unemployed!) I'm glad everything else went well though!
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    LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
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    Hi, welcome back!  Glad to hear that *almost* everything went perfectly :)

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    hey- glad to hear everything went pretty well.  Could I have the information for the makeup artist? I wasn't planning on having one, but if she's really affordable then I might just reconsider.
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    jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
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    sure! i sent you a PM!
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    For the positive vendor reviews, I just need the vendor name and their website or other contact info if they don't have a site.  You can e-mail me at pghknotties at gmail dot com

    I can just use what you have here for the negative review of the Hilton.  Thanks!
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    Glad to hear everything (except the Hilton) was great!   I'm especially excited about the flowers since kerry is doing my wedding as well-he's amazing and I know he'll do a great job!
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    I responded... could you get me an email address please?
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    Thanks for the info! Glad you had a great wedding ! 

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    jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
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    marburs-i'll get you an email addy, lemme check what she wants to hand out, and i'll PM it to you!

    heather-kerry was amazing! i was a bit worried for awhile there, but he made it all work. when we sat down at our sweetheart table i looked down and found a little note from kerry telling us to have a wonderful night-it was so cute!! oh! and when he dropped the flowers off it was so busy in the lobby that he just sent a bellman up with them. i text him about 20 min later to tell him the flowers were perfect. he called me immediately and said he had been waiting in the lobby till he heard from me, incase there was a problem, and he had begun to worry that there was!!! haha. he was perfect!!!

    KR-thanks for the info, i'll get an email over to you!
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