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[edited] Hitting "Save Draft" actually posts a discussion...

ETA: So apparently when you click "Save Draft" while drafting a New Discussion, it just goes ahead and posts it...There's nothing I can do about the hem now, it will probably look great, so I was really just blowing off steam...never mind.

The alterations people at DB said it was fine, tried it on for FI last night (yes, he's seen me in the dress and helped me pick it out) and even he thought it looked perfect, but I'm worried that my dress is now too short :-(

It's a White by Vera Wang from David's Bridal (style VW351000) and I decided to have it both hemmed and also to remove the train completely. Everything at the wedding - ceremony and reception - will be on grass except for the dance floor. I'm wearing Frye cream ballet flats and with shoes on, I'd say the dress is about a half inch above the ground. Alterations and consultants at David's Bridal told me not to worry and that I'll "sink down" in the grass, and if it were any longer, the dress would drag on the ground. But after doing some googling and seeing other people in the dress, it seems like most everyone has the dress altered to fall right to the floor or lying on the floor a bit, not above the floor like mine is now. My shoes match the dress perfectly, I'm just afraid they're going to show too much at the wedding.

How long were your dresses after alterations? Is there anything I can do to make mine seem longer? Obviously I'm wearing flats, so I can't wear lower shoes...

Re: [edited] Hitting "Save Draft" actually posts a discussion...

  • I googled too. Beautiful gown! You have to remember that these pictures you're seeing are either 1. Models who aren't going to actually be moving or walking in the dress or 2. Girls trying on a sample gown that hasn't been hemmed for them yet. So those pictures are going to have the dress WAY too long. 

    Honestly, half and inch off the ground sounds about right (I think that might be the standard - someone correct me if I'm wrong), especially since you'll be running around in grass and dirty that could ruin the gown. Wedding gowns aren't supposed to be dragged all over the floor. 

    Has the dress been steamed recently? If it's still slightly wrinkled from alterations and being carted around, being steamed can "lengthen" it a little bit. Otherwise, there is no way to really add length without ordering more fabric and doing some serious reconstruction. 

    And hey, if your FI thinks the dress is perfect, what other opinion matters? :)
  • Thanks @PDKH! Even though there's nothing I can do about it now, your response actually made me feel a lot better! Great idea about the steaming and thanks for the reality check - FI loves it and I trust his judgment - the whole reason I took him dress shopping with me in the first place!
  • Glad I could be of service! 

    It's a beautiful gown, and I'm sure it looks absolutely stunning on you. :)
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