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Destination Wedding - I live in the destination!

Hi everyone, 

This is my first time posting, so HELLO to all the future brides out there! I am about a month into being engaged and am at the very early stages of planning my wedding. I live on Maui, and after a bit of thought we have decided to have our wedding here on the island. We understand this puts our family and friends in a tough spot, having to fly all the way to an island in the middle of the Pacific to come see us get married. My question I pose to you you feel it is necessary to have reception in our hometowns, out of respect for family that cannot make it to our wedding? We would like to lean in that direction, but I am wondering how elaborate the hometown receptions need to be. Obviously, we are working on a budget...and the travel alone is very expensive! Thank you very much for your etiquette advice :)

PS - I know a lot of people in the wedding industry here on Maui, so if you are looking for recommendations or advice on vendors or estates (I have seen a lot of them!) I can be a good resource! 
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