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Bridal Shower Invite wording

Hi everyone!

I am not a bride, but am a matron of honor planning a bridal shower for my good friend.

There are two of us in the wedding party, myself and a bridesmaid. The bridesmaid lives out of town and won't be able to attend the shower. I am currently working on invitation wording, and am wondering if I should write "hosted by (my name)" at the bottom. I feel like people should know who is hosting, but I also don't want to come across as narcissistic and like I am glorifying myself. Any hints? It's been a few years since I've been involved in a wedding so I'm pretty clueless.

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Re: Bridal Shower Invite wording

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    manateehuggermanateehugger member
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    I've never really seen an invitation that specifically lists the hostess on there. It's usually pretty obvious who is hosting because that's who sends the invite and that's who collects RSVP's. Usually the wording is something like: 

    Join us for a bridal shower honoring
    at the home of Flamingo (or wherever it's being held) 

    Please RSVP by June 6 to Flamingo at 000-000-0000
    Bride is registered at BBB and Macy's 

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    I think I've seen a host listed on every shower invitation I've received. You can put your name as host if you'd like. 
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    mlg78mlg78 member
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    I think it's assumed who you RSVP to is the host...and you need to list who to RSVP to...problem solved. :)
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