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stay away from sears!!

My fiance and I registered at Sears and they have been nothing but a hassle! My mom bought us our first gift 5 weeks ago, a new grill! They asked that we pick it up and they will come assemble it. We picked it up and waited for the call for them to come, which we already set up the date, just waiting on the time. They never called us, so we called them, our order had been lost!! So, they returned it then rerang it so they could deliver it assembled and pick up the huge grill from our garage at drop off. They showed up 4 days later as planned, but had the wrong name and grill!! We kept ours and they took that one back to the building. We called immediately and talked with the manager again to let him know what was going on, he said he would call back with a solution. We waited 3 days, no call, so I called them. That manager that was "taking car of things" got a promotion and left us with no one to talk with. I was told, once I gave the whole story, I would get a call back within the next 24 hours! Now 72 hours later, I called sears to find out what was going on, and no one knew what I was talking about. I asked for a refund for the assembly that we paid for and he said we did not pay for one. We have now completely removed our registry and will go elsewhere because of the huge hassle with our very first wedding gift! :( hopefully the next 2 showers go much more smooth! :/

Re: stay away from sears!!

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    The reason it is with the company is because the registry was extremely difficult and always discontinuing things as well. Along with that, my future mother in law has been having more issues with Sears as well. 
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    Not thar this is the proper venue for a complaint, anyhow. Yelp, the BBB or Google would have been more appropriate places for grievances of this nature.

    I disagree. The bride was trying to warn people of a wedding related grievance she had. Many people post here to 1) to let people know 2) to see if they are off base on being upset and 3) to figure out what to do if they have any grounds. Usually posters here will make sure the bride lets the above know after the issue has been resolved...
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    The only goal for my posting was to inform and warn others of my experience. I went to many different managers to solve this and this was the end result. Each person can take this however they please, I just wanted to voice the problems I had so others can be aware. Also, maybe if I looked at reviews on sears before we registered, I would not of registered with them in the fact that yes, they are going downhill. Was not shinning, just trying to be informative. If you don't want to take my experience as advice, don't read it. Thanks!
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    I would never pay money to have someone assemble something for me. Both H and I are pretty handy and can follow directions pretty well. This is obviously a moot point if there have been other issues though. Hopefully your next registry works out better for you.
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