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Most banquet/event centers and hotel packages usually include gratuity. But what about the other vendors you hire?

Should you tip the DJ? If so, how much?

Same for the photographer and videographer?

Re: Tipping

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    Tips are not expected for those who run their own business. If you hired your DJ through a company, he might be expecting a tip. Or if your photographer runs his own business, he's probably not expecting a tip. You always have the option of tipping regardless if you believe their actions went above and beyond expectations.
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    You should tip vendors (DJ's photographers, etc) based on how you liked their service. What I did is figured out a basic tip (you were ok, thanks for your work) and had a card with the money set aside. I had a special stash of money that I could use to add more to that vendor's envelope in case they did an outstanding job.

    In my opinion you should tip a vendor if they are the owner or not the owner of the the business. My feeling is that if you don't tip a vendor because they are the owner, you are penalizing them for taking the huge first step of taking a chance and being a business owner and depending on the size of their business, providing jobs to others in the community. They work just as hard as an employee who doesn't own the business, if not harder because it's their name on the line.

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