~Punkness~ aka Secret Santa

When we got home from NYC yesterday, your gift was waiting for me on the stoop.

I love it!  I already went out and used it.  I picked up the new Wheel of Time book, which I've been putting off buying because it's not available for the Kindle.  The g.c. left me go out and buy it in hardback :)  I know a lot of people don't like g.c.s, but really, when they are for B&N, they are my FAVORITE gifts.

The cookies look so good.  They arrived without getting crushed at all and I'm sure they won't survive tonight.

Thanks so much!

Re: ~Punkness~ aka Secret Santa

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    edited December 2011
    Aw, you got it! I'm happy you got the book you wanted and that the cookies made it through the journey.

    I'm so sorry it was later than expected. I was working super long hours the last two weeks.

    Merry Christmas!!! (and happy reading!)
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