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What to wear underneath your dress?

I'm plus size and having a very hard time finding something to wear under my dress for a bra and to suck me in. I also trolled and posted on the plus size board, but only got the obvious, Spanx, and a suggestion for another website, but after reading reviews of that business, found that the vast majority were negative. So, that being said, anyone on here who's plus size find any under garments that work really well and are not extremely binding? I've heard a long line bra would work well, but not sure where to find one. Looked on Lane Bryant, but they are not nearly long enough to suck in my upper stomach and back. 

Re: What to wear underneath your dress?

  • What type of dress do you have Kimberley?

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  • I am also plus size and plan on having cups sown in and wearing height wasted panties. For the life of me I can't figure out how ladies sit in long line bras, the support sticks? Always poke into my sides and hips when I sit.
  • I have a strapless dropped waist dress with pick ups. I was thinking of longer panties or shorts that come up to the bottom of my bust, but every time I've worn those they always roll down. 
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    My dress-shopping rule was that I needed a dress that fit without Spanx--I knew I'd be sweating and didn't want any extra layers! 

    Are you getting alterations done on the dress? I would add in cups so that you don't have to worry about the strapless bra part.

    I suggest this as a resource:
  • I was thinking about cups, but someone said they wouldn't hold mind up...? I'm a C, so I don't think it'd be that big a problem? I've never had cups sewn in though, so not sure what to expect. 
  • I was thinking about cups, but someone said they wouldn't hold mind up...? I'm a C, so I don't think it'd be that big a problem? I've never had cups sewn in though, so not sure what to expect. 

    I had 'c' cups sewn into my dress and I loved it! If anything it made the top of my dress fit my bust area better. Unless your really busty where they run over the top the sewn in cups work great providing coverage and support.

  • Don't laugh, really. This did work for my sisters wedding and I've done it a few times since. It was something the bridal shop owner showed us.

    Get a pair of light control-top stockings, although it works with regular control-top and non control top too. Stretch the top out by hand, just pull, pull, pull until they look long and out of shape. Pull up, not out, to make them longer, not wider. Eventually the finer will loosen enough so that they will come under the bust line to your bra. It gives a smoother look without feeling and looking like you're being cut in half.  I suppose you could cut the stocking part off an inch or so past the upper thigh if you weren't wearing stockings since it's pretty hot under the dress and in Vegas.

    Jockey and Maidenform also make a product called Skimmies. They're a lightweight spandex undergarment but not binding like spanx. They sort of hold in jiggle but not compress it, if that makes sense. They look like bike shorts. I have a pair that I wear under dresses and they're very comfortable. Mine come up higher because I'm pocket-size, therefore low waisted. They're cheaper in the outlet than online or dept. stores.

    Wow that was long!

  • Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to look into getting cups sewn in as well as the stockings and or the skimmies. :) I have a wedding to go to this Saturday, so might try your stocking suggestion for that Mango. 
  • SD210SD210 member
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    I cannot personally attest to these, but the full figure board over on the Wedding Bee love "Rago" brand shapewear.  In particular, there were raves about the "waist cinchers," which look like corsets but don't tie.  I'm on the fence about trying this myself.  I do know they come in Plus Sizes since everyone on that plus size board was raving about them.  Here is the website. 



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  • i have the high waist panty from spanx (i think its called the higher power brief) or something ... i LOVE this thing. it comes right up to my bra and its more of a cotton spandex than it is tight hot binding with bonding that stabs you ... this is very breathable and very comfortable, not at all like the only spanx that hurt.
  • Thanks Swyatt, I'll have to check those out!

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