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Nevada-Las Vegas

bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday

Valeriecruz82Valeriecruz82 member
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So I originally planned on going with my 3 bridesmaids just to look at dresses so we can all agree on a dress since 1 of my BMS lives almost 2 hours away and she will be here for the weekend for my sons birthday party. But now another one of my bridesmaids isn't feeling good since she is 8 months pregnant and hasn't been feeling well and another BM has plans to be with family for her sisters birthday so now it will just be me and my BM that lives 2 hours away to look at dresses and she asked about their dresses being short since it will be summer in Vegas.
What will your bridesmaid dresses look like as far as length? I really wanted them long but she said since all my BM are young lol they should be short.
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Re: bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday

  • I'm only having one maid of honor, and her dress is short. I think the length goes with the Vegas theme and will also help with the heat. 
  • Yea I'm now starting to rethink about their dresses being long. But not too short I'm thinking maybe knee length.
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  • I say try on a style that u and BM both like in short n long.

  • Yeah, my MOH's is slightly above the knee, by about 2 inches maybe. It's very cute and stylish like her though. It was a lot easier having to choose a dress for just one person though, so she could pick the style that suited her the best. 
  • That is a good idea southerncutie! I think we will try that hopefully we find something we all like :)
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  • Yea I'm letting my sister who is my MOH choose her dress we both have the same kind of style so that was easy. I'm not really picky I just don't want something you would wear to a club and one of my BM brought that up and I don't want that..I know its Vegas but its still a wedding I don't want these short and sexy dresses lol
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  • Because mine is in winter and I wanted their dresses to have an "old hollywood" vibe, I told my girls that I wanted them long. I am letting them pick out their own dresses. However, I am willing to look at one they like if they are a little shorter (mid-calf, etc). I do not want "short" short dresses though.
  • Im definitely going short my bm are trying to talk me into long ones. Not sure why I just think short ones look a little more fun and that is definitely in my hodgepodge theme (my theme keeps changing daily is there such a thing as a theme theme) I think it should be what u want. Its only one day and if ur bm havent already asked they will one day probably ask u to wear something u won't particularly be thrilled with. I have 4 long purple dresses to prove it. So no matter how much they scoff remember u have to like it they will learn to live with it or save u money on the reception :)
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