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Strapless bra that does NOT enhance cleaveage??

Is there such a thing?? I love my dress - it's a sweetheart neckline, and I didn't think when just looking at it that it would look good on me! But (as well all the dresses I tried on it seems) I have mega cleave! Ug. 36DD ( and possibly DDD )  is just hard to work with. I'm a bit on the shorter side too - so I feel Extremely top heavy ALL the time. 
If I could just push the gals a little bit more farther apart, it would be perfect! With no bra under I do alright. It's doable. I wore a strapless when first trying it on, but it just mushed them more together and brought them UP as well. Yikes. I would like to breathe maybe just a bit for my wedding.
Air and life look SO good on a bride ;)
Any tips?? Links to where to get?? I've had 3 kids as well, so I have that lovely leftover baby poochy. But I'm gonna get a separate corset for that, I hate all in ones.

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