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To all you ladies asking if "XYZ can be done" to a wedding dress

If you are asking if intricate parts of a dress such as detailing or corsets can be removed- stop and reevaluate. You haven't found your perfect dress yet. The perfect dress should not need extreme modification but instead, simple tailoring. I almost bought a dress with a drop waist because I liked the look of the dress, but I hated where it hit me. I held up the skirt and had a whole conversation about moving the skirt up. I'm so glad I didn't go down that route. If there wasn't enough fabric to move up the skirt, I would have had a dress I hated. And the dress I found ended up flattering my body much better.

Before you say yes to a project, keep looking to see if there is not something else out there that fits your vision better. Or risk disappointment when you learn that you can't modify the dress as you thought you could.

This is just my two cents.
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