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Minister Vs. Officiant?? HELP!

I am planning an outdoor ceremony in Charleston, SC and I am having trouble finding an actual pastor/minister to do my ceremony.  Most that I have found have advertised that they will do "any religion: buddhist, christian, catholic, etc."  We are fairly religious non denominational Christians (more evangelical/penticostal) and to have someone marry us that marries "any religion" kind of defeats the whole purpose (we feel).  Does anyone have suggestions on how to find a good pastor that will marry us outdoors and not in a church?  I realize this is all the a matter of opinion & such.

Re: Minister Vs. Officiant?? HELP!

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    I would try posting this on the SC board. One of the local knotties might be able to suggest a specific name for you.  GL
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    We had some of the same issues when trying to find someone since we are marrying outside the church because we are two different religions. What we are doing is having a minister marry us at our location then (to satisfy my Catholic needs...) we are going to have our marriage blessed in the Catholic church by the same priest who baptized me, confirmed me, etc...
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    I actually had the opposite problem--finding someone I felt comfortable with, in the area, who'd do a civil ceremony.

    I'd start by checking with churches in the area...Charleston's known as the "holy city" for a reasonWink  Beyond that...I know one of my (now former) coworkers is married to a minister...not sure what denomination, but he's a nice guy, fairly laid-back, and I know he's officiated at at least one wedding downtown...but I'm not sure that'd be much good as a referral.
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