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I won my dress! Now what?

The perfect dress was up as a door prize today at Bridal U in Scottsdale, AZ. My future Sister-in-Law and I were in attendance and I won the dress! My wedding isn't until October 4th, 2014. I tried it on and it fits, except its a little small in the bust. How easy is the bust to alter? How should I keep it safe and clean for my wedding day? How do I keep my fiance from seeing it (as we live together). When should I go to the bridal shop I won it from and get adjustments?
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Re: I won my dress! Now what?

  • My dress hung in our closet in a dress bag for a year. My husband never saw it b/c he didn't want to see it until the day of. If your fiance is the type of guy to go snooping looking to see your dress, then I guess if he really wants to see it, he will. 

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  • My bridal shop recommended wrapping my dress in a clean white cotton sheet in the garment bag for an extra layer of protection. If it's heavy you may need to store it laying down so the weight doesn't stretch out the straps if it has them. 
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  • Thanks all! So excited!
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