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hi there -


I am new here and would look some advice about dresses. I have started looking and would like to ask some advice before I make myself crazy trying on too many things :)


I am 5 ft 2 with skinny legs and a fairly decent chest size - would you say it is safe to eliminate ball gowns? I have tried on a few dresses and so far the one that I liked best was a natural waist with an a line. I tried one ball gown and felt swallowed. I tried on a dropped waist and felt chopped in two.


I don't want to waste time on styles that do not work. Would you say that for a short woman that ball gowns and dropped waists are to be avoided? 

so far this is the dress I loved best - I love the flower details - what do you think? be honest :)

Re: dress shopping

  • Don't eliminate anything until you try it on. I am short (5'4") and fairly thin but with a large-ish chest (32C/D). However, I ended up really liking myself in A-line and ballgown dresses; they balanced out out my chest. I thought I wanted a mermaid dress, but I felt stumpy and curveless in them. So really, there's no way of knowing until you put it on.

    So I reiterate ... don't rule anything out until you go. It takes thirty seconds to put on a dress and nix it, after all!

    And I like that dress. I'm not the biggest fan of pickups on myself, but I think that flower detail with the ruching is really, really pretty.

  • I'm exactly 5 feet myself, and also have a fairly good sized chest. I bought my dress yesterday (still flying high with excitement over it) and what I got was a fit n flare, so it gave a great hourglass figure which im sure it would do for you as well. Get the dress that you like the best. If you loved the natural waist and A-line, go for it. I definitely think it could work, but it depends on how you feel in the dress. Good luck, and hope that helped!
  • Thanks, you both helped.

    I love that flower detail, I want flowers on my dress - I almost cried when I tried it on. I was just worried the skirt was too plain.

  • If you almost cried it sounds like that could be your dress to me. :) Maybe you could see if they can add a little detail to the skirt that looks good to you. Though to me the pick ups make it dramatic enough, but its completely up to you
  • I agree with not eliminating anything until you try it on.  It's really not a "waste of time", if it helps you find your dream dress.   Some ball gowns will swallow you, but others might not.  If you have tried on a handful of ballgowns and you hate every one of them, then move on. But, there is nothing wrong with trying on a bunch of dresses.
  • @sarahcaswell I almost cried and my friend did! :) I was just thinking it could not be that easy to find a dress so fast!

    @fiercefemme I tried two ball gowns and did not like them, I was just wondering if they would all fit the same way.

    The other one that looked good on me was

    but it was not whimsical enough for me. I am aiming for the look of "fairy princess meets wood nymph"



  • I tried on some dresses by the same designer in the same "cut", (i.e. ballgown, A-line, etc.) and even those fit differently. Ball gowns will fit differently (still similar, in my cases).   But, it will depend on where the waist hits you and the amount of tulle, fabric etc. on the dress.
  • As far as it seeming too easy, I felt the EXACT same way. Get this: There was only ever one dress in a magazine that actually caught my attention. I had no idea how much it would cost, I was just hoping it would end up in my budget. I picked the bridal shop because they had that designer (da vinci.) I get there, tell her my small-ish budget ($1,000) and we start looking at dresses. Because of my budget we started with the clearance section. The like second one that she pulled out was the dress i had loved from the magazine. It was on sale. For $650. I tried it on and had butterflies. No crying from anyone but I couldn't stop smiling. My mom called it the "idiot smile" cuz its a giant smile. I tried on 2 others that day, but I just wanted that first one. So I bought it. Talk about too easy, yet I love it so much. Just cuz it was easy, doesn't mean it couldn't be right! :D

  • thanks - you are so nice!
  • you're welcome, glad to help
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    I'm 5'2 thin and busty. I found the best dress on my body type was an A line with a natural waist. Drop waist/fit and flare/mermaid made me feel short and ball gowns swallowed me up. That dress you posted is very pretty and if you feel gorgeous in it I say go for it! To note, the one you posted is a drop waist, do they have a natural waist version too?
  • im short 5'0  plus size and 44d cups so i to was worried but the first place i went to she only put me in gowns that would look good on me. liked 2 of them but wanted to go someplace else. second place she put me in anything i asked for ballgown fit and flair mermaid trumpit u name but i hated every dress i tried on i wanted something that had taffita alceon lace, and pic ups i was discribing to her the dress from the other shop and the only dress that came close was a heavy dress with pick ups and satin. 

    i left and went back to the other salon re tried on the dress and loved it 
  • Thanks, for me the waist was not quite a dropped waist - dropped waist for me chops me at the hip thigh area.
  • I'm also 5'2" and busty with thin legs.  I found that a modified A-line/fit and flare was most flattering for me, as it creates an hour glass shape to balance out my bustiness.

    Good luck!

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