Wedding Woes

"but we're not doing anything..."

I was just asked for 'the first chapter of my class" by a student.
I have NO IDEA what he's looking for (today is the 2nd day of the new semester).  

I asked if he was looking for instructor's handouts, the book, the syllabus...or something else (FTR, I don't have ANY of the above things to hand out to a student--but I might be able to be helpful at pointing him toward something if I have a clue what he's looking for).

The student insisted he needed the first chapter of the class, but, when I asked said it wasn't the first chapter of the book.  Insisted, in fact. (also, he doesn't know which class or what the instructor's name is.  And he doesn't have a copy of his schedule to look it up on or hs student ID so I could look it up for him.

And then student asked if I could call the instructor to find out what he's supposed to be getting.  He nkows I could get ahold of the instructor if I call the classroom right now--because it happens to be the middle of this student's class, so he knows the instructor is in class.
I said there's no way I'm calling a classroom in the middle of class.  I was told "but we're not doing anything".

That doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy, FFS.

(before I'm told what an ogre I am, I have already (this semester--so in the last 48 hours) handed out, for photocopies to be made of the first assignment, my algebra book 2 times and it's currently on my desk because I promised another girl she could borrow it when she came in tonight.  Repeat w/ the basic math book about 2x--and I managed to give away 2 copies of the 'old' edition of the basic math book to kids whose instructors will let them skate by w/ the hand-me-downs)
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