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So completely burned out!!

I don't know where else to go and the other few posts I have put on here have been received with a lot of help and I figured I might as well give this a shot. This is more of a vent and just want someone to talk to.
I am a full time college student, I graduate in 4 months so I am at the last of everything but it is the hardest part so far. I am also working about 50 hours a week on top of my studies and my fiance and I are getting married in September so that is something I have to juggle as well. I just don't know what to do. I am not excited about anything anymore, even my wedding. We are having a lovely wedding and going to the beach right afterwards, it should be the highlight of my life right now and I just don't care anymore. I have looked into what could be wrong with me and everything I have read has said I have mental exhaustion or burnout. I just don't know what to do. I barely have time to go to the bathroom anymore. My fiance is a full time student but I am the only one who works. I have to juggle everything and my moods are so out of whack. I use to be this bubbly and happy girl and I am not her anymore. Now when people talk to me at work I just resent them and hate them. I even become more irritable with my fiance and take everything out on him. This is not the way to start off our marriage and I feel terrible but it isn't anything I feel like I can control.

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    My last few semesters in college tested the limits of my sanity and ability to operate without sleep. Allow yourself to be human, and don't stress about how you 'should feel'. Hang on by them fingernails, push through, and things will get better. I promise.
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    Not what you want to hear, I'm sure but... going to school full time and working full time is enough of a drain. You chose to get married smack dab in the middle of this? Yikes.

    You'll survive. We all have...


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    Ditto pps... you're just tired/burned out/exhausted/ etc.  It's normal.  That was most of grad school for me, and I wasn't working 50 hours a week.  

    I don't think anything's "wrong" with you, and it sounds like you're not having doubts/worries about marriage or your fiance.

    Try to take a little break if you can.  And try to scale back on things if you can.  I know before our wedding, there were some little DIY things we just nixed because we were tired, and really, who cares?  

    Your goals right now are to graduate, get married, and survive.  Focus on that, and get rid of any unnecessary tasks that people have asked you to do or you have taken upon yourself.  You'll make it!

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    agree to take a break and get some you time in!  Go on a date with your fiance; do not talk about the wedding.  Sorry you are so overwhelmed!  Just think 4 months and you will be married and school will be over.  But try to enjoy it as much as you can :)

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    I know exactly how you feel.  I felt the same way two years ago when I was dealing with a disaster of project at my former job.  The project itself had me working 70 hours each week, plus I hated my boss, and I had some personal things going on.  I was just grumpy and blah all the time.  I finally finished the project and spent my time looking for a new position to get away from the heinous boss, and everything changed.

    Obviously you can't change school, but is there anything you can do to alleviate some of the stress of work and wedding planning?  Can you cut back on some of your hours at work?  Can you cut back the wedding, hire a planner, or (my rec) postpone it until a few months after graduation?  It might suck to wait a little longer, but I'm so glad my H and I opted for a long engagement so that I didn't have to start planning until after I took the bar exam.  
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