Millcreek in Ligonier: Venue caterer lost their lease!!

Hey ladies, not sure if any of you have booked Millcreek Barn, like myself, but just a warning, I received a call today from the catering manager of Ligonier Tavern, which until recently was the exclusive provider for Millcreek, that they lost the lease for the barn.  He said they would still honor our contract, but that the owner of the barn would only do so if we pay $1,500 as a rental fee for the space.  He said they felt bad and offered to pay half ($750) of the rental fee if we were to keep the space. They never made us aware that they didn't own the barn outright as the contract is written with them being the Lessee and us the lessor.   Apparently Carson's Catering is now the exclusive caterer for the space.   I'm not really sure what our next move is.  We don't want to pay the extra fee, but I'm honestly not sure if we'd get much out of suing for a breach of contract.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Millcreek in Ligonier: Venue caterer lost their lease!!

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    I am in the same boat!  My fiance and I just decided to have the reception elsewhere.  That $750.00 isn't getting us anything.  That's a budget for flowers, favors, whatever.  In my opinion Lignoier Tavern should pay the entire $1500.00 as we have already signed a contract with them locking prices in.  That's why I signed a contract so that no hidden fees would be incurred.  We also went another place because what's stopping this ladnlord/owner from requesting more money down the road or completely cancelling our date?  I also do not want to be sueing someone at the same time I'm trying to plan out wedding, though I think we'd have a valid legal point with the contract being signed....
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    If you love the venue, and can get out of your contract with Ligonier Tavern, my family has had really good experiences with Carson's Catering.  Sorry hear about this!  What a pain!
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    This happened to us too! We're going with Carson's Catering, and so far our experience has been phenomenal...what a change from Ligonier Tavern.  However, our contact from Ligonier Tavern has avoided replying to our attempts to contact him as soon as we asked for our deposit back (which he said he would give us since they broke the contract)! I highly discourage anyone from planning an event with Ligonier Tavern in the future. They're completely unprofessional and unreliable. They were aware that changes were being made to the lease, and they shouldn't have even been taking reservations when we gave them our deposit.  I completely understand why the board decdied to not continue their lease.
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