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FLY FREE AMERICA: It's a SCAM!! And Not pleased with President's Tuxedo Either

This is a scam! President's Tux is making it sound like you get 5 tuxes you'll receive two free airline tickets. I got my wedding party 8 tuxes and got the voucher.

Called the place and wanted to activate my tickets. I have already bought a reservation at one of their listed hotels, so I thought they would waive the $99 activation fee. Come to find out you have to reserve EVERYTHING Through them. Never stated clearly that in the terms.

Brides to be: Don't let your fiances fall for President's Tux FALSE DEAL and The SCAM of FLY FREE AMERICA!!!

This future GROOM is very upset. Also it's NOT Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so take NOTE.
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