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How to check if couple is bringing their kids?

I'm just looking for a tactful way of asking my cousin if she and her husband are bringing their two daughters to our wedding.  She sent back the rsvp promptly, but just wrote her and her husband's name, and put an X instead of a number.  The only reason I suspect they may not bring the kids is because her sister rsvped for just 2, so she is not bringing her kids, and my two cousins are close.  I did invite the whole family on the invite, fyi.

Re: How to check if couple is bringing their kids?

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    If you included the daughters on the invite, I don't think it would be rude at all to contact them and ask. I'm sure they won't be annoyed, unless you give the impression of being upset that their children aren't coming. They'll understand that you're just being sure.

    Something like, "Hey, cousin, I got your RSVP, so excited that you can celebrate with us! I wanted to doublecheck that Jane and Suzie will not be able to make it. Just making sure we've got seats for everyone!" would work. 
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    Thanks for your help!  And sorry that this discussion posted twice.
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