Well ladies..

I'm going to skip out of the office here very shortly to go to PT and I can't be sure that I'll have time to check in tomorrow but before I leave I just wanted to say a couple things.

I wanted to say that I hope I haven't been too much of scrooge this holiday season. I really have tried to be more open to being cheerful and open to Christmas-y good times (more than just cookies and cakes)

Thanks for the laughs and the gift ideas, for the assurances that my holiday isn't the only on that is a little odd.

Thanks again to my Secret Santa for reminding me that the mail is awesome, even if it wasn't want you wanted to send me I appreciate that you sent it to me at all. 

I hope you all have a great holiday and I'm really glad to spend the time hanging out with you all here. 


Re: Well ladies..

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