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It can be humorous right?

I am trying to put together my bilingual ceremony and I would like to to do one reading in English and one in Spanish. We are having a non-religious ceremony and we are not super gushy people so I was hoping for something that was sweet but with humor. I need help! In both languages! Any suggestions?

Re: It can be humorous right?

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    To me the humor often comes from the person officiating the ceremony, and it usually comes from telling personal anecdotes about the couple that are a little funny. The actual ceremony is usually a little more serious, although you could def have humerous readings - look up the poem "Yes I'll Marry You My Dear" by Pamela something. it's hilarious. =) I'm thinking about reading it at our rehearsal dinner =D
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    A couple friends of mine who got married recently included a reading of "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss (edited a smidge for length).  It was adorable, unexpected, and absolutely perfect for the couple. 
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    I have heard of people who have been appauled with humor in a ceremony- but they have a stick up their @ss. If its something you want go for it. 
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