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Tricky wedding colors for season/venue- Advice please

We have our venue picked out for our mid-October wedding in Phoenix on the water.  I originally liked doing traditional fall colors, but now that the venue is on the water, I'm thinking that I need to change to blues.  BUT it's going to be mid-October, so I don't want it to look too much like a spring/summer beach theme.  Or can I?  The only thing making me think that it may be ok to go with blues, is that mid-October in Phoenix is still warm "shorts" weather.  Ahhh!  What do you suggest for colors considering the location/venue/season?

Re: Tricky wedding colors for season/venue- Advice please

  • You can still go with some fall colors that will coordinate with blue.  I have seen baby blue, orange, grey, etc.  Just keep researching on here or Pinterest! You find something great!
  • You could try orange or tangerine or yellow then mix it with blue.
    If bright enough for hot weather but you can use a darker cooler to make it fall-ish. 
    Just my opinion. 

    Try these...
    Example 1 blue orange

    Example 2 blue orande

    Example 3 blue and yellow
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