Clarrissa's Boutique? Sorry ended up long! (pip)

I am going to Clarissa's Boutique at the end of
this month for my alterations. I bought my dress
at Davids Bridal but was never "in" love with the
dress. I looked for a year for a dress. I had such
a hard time searching, I didnt know being a size
16 was such a big deal till I was looking for a
wedding dress.

And it seemed like every store I went to was
like "oh" we dont have anything in ur size!
Apparently im larger chested then I ever
knew I was too.

So anyways one weekend my FMIL and
FSIL and I went to every bridal salon around
 and couldn't find anything and the stuff I could
try on was horrible. So we ended up at Davids
Bridal. I tried on this dress and it was pretty and
had a lot of what I was looking for sweetheart
neckline, cap sleeves.

The sales girl told me the dress was discontinued
and I would have to get it right then b/c it was the
last one in my size in the company. And it was white!
I wanted Ivory. But I bought in a moment of feeling like I
 didnt have enough time left. Nine months before I bought
my dress this march I went to a little dress shop and tried
on a Maggie and a Casablanca but wasn't sure about them
 and wasn't ready to make a decision. And I guess I waited
 too long to have one ordered for me.

Well I was looking on ebay today and saw a Maggie Sottero
Adelaide dress NWT that the girl was selling b/c she gained
weight. Im really thinking about buying it. But it doesn't have
cap sleeves and I hate strapless!

Am I cutting it too close to my wedding (67 days away!) to
buy this dress and ask them to make me cap sleeves?

This dress is almost the same style to the maggie I tried on
and the style is very similar to my dress now. Its just more of
 what I was wanting.

My dress:

The Maggie dress I want to buy: Wedding Countdown Ticker image 108 Invited! image 85 Are ready to party!
image 18 Will be missing out image 05 Are MIA

Re: Clarrissa's Boutique? Sorry ended up long! (pip)

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    I personally can't see the link that you posted of the maggie dress.  I did not have good luck with Clarissa's making me something custom.  I ordered custom gloves opera length with trim of pearls and sparkles (that was already made, just needed to be attached). took 2 fittings because they were not stretchy trimmings and needed to be adjusted to fit over my scrawny biceps.  The ends were not finished when I picked them up a second time and I ended up doing the work myself.  $75 for a whole lot of nothing.  That was just my experience, but I would say with custom trimmings/etc 67 days is cutting it a little close.  Here's a photo of the trim so you can see how minimal of work it was for them, and how it took 6 weeks and two tries is beyond me.

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    jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
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    aw, adelaide was one of my top maggie dresses to try on!

    personally...if you are able to get the dress here and a seamstress agrees to be able to have it altered in time....i would do it. i had to order a bigger size (yes) in my dress in mid september, which was just a few months before the wedding. it was rushed in and i started my fittings right away with no problems.

    what about having a bolero made instead of cap sleeves? my mom bought a strapless for the wedding but refused to wear it without something covering her arms. my seamstress made her a bolero in under one week (we purchased our dresses at ck bridal in oakdale).

    i'm the type of person that would rather spend the extra money to have what i really want instead of settle for something else. i only end up spending my time wondering "what if" and it drives me batty!
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    I think 67 days is too close. BUT you do already have a dress, so you do have a back-up in case something would go wrong. So I guess it depends on if you want to spend more money on another dress and alterations. There was a past knottie who was a 2 dress bride, and never did end up selling the other dress. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other, but just wanted to toss some thoughts out there. GL deciding!

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    gmc22gmc22 member
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    No real opinion except to say that I really like the Maggie dress! I'm not sure, however, if 60 some days will be enough to do a custom sleeve... Definitely something to look into though. If you love it, I say go for it - you don't want to have any regrets! GL and hope it works out for you!
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    I'm in the minority, but how long could a sleeve really take?  If you are concerned about Clarissa's, why not try another local seamstress from the list that might be able to complete this quickly?

    I only had one fitting on my dress and then I picked it up, so I might not be the best person to ask.

    That said, I certainly think it is possible to do this considering I didn't have a fitting until one month before my wedding anyway. :) But I'm more of a stick with the dress you bought person and stopped looking at dresses once I bought mine.
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    nicki426nicki426 member
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    Thank you everyone for your help! I never really thought of a shrug! But that is what I think I am going to do. I thought they were always the kinda frumpy satin, but I found a beautiful cap sleeve type one made out of lace that I think will match my veil and look beautiful with the new dress and I wont need any custom stuff made so close to the wedding! For the first time I am really excited about having a wedding dress! And its more of what I always dreamed of. Wedding Countdown Ticker image 108 Invited! image 85 Are ready to party!
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    jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
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    YEAH! so glad you figured something out and you're now excited for your dress!!! if you had said that you loved the dress you already had at the time that you bought it, then i would have told you to stick with the original dress. being excited about your dress is such a great feeling! enjoy!
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