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Destination wedding w reception AND at home reception

My friend is getting married out of town... Destination I guess. Its like 2000 miles away. She is having a reception there, then also another reception back in our home town. I don't think it counts as a PPD bc she's not lying or anything. What's the etiquette on wearing the wedding dress for the at home reception? Also what's the etiquette about the guest list for the at home reception... Does everyone need to be invited to both? Or do u make separate list based on geography?

Re: Destination wedding w reception AND at home reception

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    The at home party is not a "wedding reception."  Those need to follow the actual wedding ceremony on the same day, so her "wedding reception" is whatever party follows the destination wedding.

    She can still have the party at home, but she shouldn't wear the wedding dress and should avoid other "wedding" elements, like attendants, a cake-cutting, and gift registries.  Also, yes, everyone she invites to it should also be invited to the destination wedding, even if they don't attend it.
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    Ditto Jen. It's a party, not a reception. It's not appropriate to dress up and act like a bride when she'll be a wife by then. Throw a party with kickass food and awesome booze, display a few photos and everyone will go home happy. 

    As for guest list, I'm going to let someone else answer from an E stand, but I think everyone should be invited to the real deal, personally. Remember that only people invited to the actual wedding ceremony can be invited to a shower. 
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    I would invite everyone to both events.  Let guests decide for themselves if they don't want to attend based on geography.  I think the only exception would be if the destination wedding was quite small (basically immediate family only at ceremony and whatever is hosted after the ceremony) and then the at home party was much larger.  
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