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Cake - Are you freezing it?

Are you freezing your top tier or slices of your cake to eat on your 1st anniversary?

Re: Cake - Are you freezing it?

  • Yep, as my middle sister would say, do as much as you can to get good luck for your marriage.
  • yes of course!
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  • Probably.

    A year after FI's sister was married, we all ate the cake with her and her husband (her mom, FI, me, her husband and FI's sister)

    It tasted pretty good! It was a fun little celebration.
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  • Nope, my bakery will make us a fresh one for our anniversary.
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  • It was quite tasty! You could tell it had been frozen, but it wasn't gross or anything. Tasted like cake!
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  • Probably not, it just seems like more hassle added to a really full day! And also I may be a cake monster and just bring it to our hotel room for us to chow down on as a midnight snack, lol FI and I both have huge sweet tooths!
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  • Oooooh.... we're having cheesecake cupcakes as one of our choices. Maybe we'll freeze one of those... I don't know if we've decided to freeze or not freeze.
  • I am planning on saving a slice for us to share, thats it.
  • Nope! My best friend just celebrated her 1 year and she said the cake was so gross!! We will probably end up doing what my sister did and have our family over the next day and eat it then :) 

    Our baker also told us not to wait! She said the longest she would wait if we want to enjoy it would be one month.  We will probably buy a small cake from our baker to celebrate one year!
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  • Yes.  Cupcakes are what we are eating the day of.  I have ordered a small cake that will be displayed but won't be touched.  It's only purpose is to be taken home and put in the freezer for the anniversary.
    Of course that could change at any time because we both love cake and would never hesitate to eat it at the hotel that night or the next morning.    
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • Our bakery gives us a free anniversary cake the year after. So no freezing anything for us either. I tried my mom's a year after her and my stepdad got married, not good at all.


  • Nope.  Honestly, there's no way I'd have cake in my freezer for a year and not eat it early, and I don't value the tradition that much anyway.  I'll probably save the desserts for the next morning, and then go get some new cake on the 1 year.  
  • No.  We plan to buy a new (small) cake on our first anniversary.  
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  • Yes we will be freezing ours. However, the bakery doing our cake gives each couple a coupon for a free "top tier" on their one year anniversary to replicate the actual top tier that we will have on our cake. I think we'll take a bite of the frozen one on our first anniversary and then chow down on the fresh one afterward.
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee
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    No, I can't ignore cake for a year.

    09McSteph03kstan08[Deleted User]hardlyhannah
  • yes. Even if it doesn't taste good next year it will still be something to celebrate with.
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  • We are given a fresh cake by the baker for the one year. 
  • Ya' know...I'm thinking we'll buy a big ol' cake for our first anniversary.  It will also be a week after my birthday so bring on the cake!  I have a fear of freezer burn and leftovers.  Call me a diva, but I just can't eat them.
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  • We will be freezing our top tier. But to be honest, it won't last to the one year anniv. Guarantee it's gone by X-Mas. FI doesn't like cake that much either so it will mostly be me... 
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