Good Morning

Morning ladies!
  What a weekend!  DH and I set up at a flea market in Springs, PA on Saturday and in Cumberland, MD on Sunday.  We actually ended up selling a ton of stuff!  I can't beleive some of the stuff people buy:-)  Unfortunately we were up at 4am both days-UGH!  We had some people over for a cookout Sunday night.  Last night we just chilled. 
  Just found out at work that we don't have a school psychologist yet this year either in addition to the facilitator!  They are actively searching but my first meetings are going to be nuts!
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Re: Good Morning

  • JamieK1882JamieK1882 member
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    Morning. Last night just stayed home and did work, and I have another busy day at work today. Meetings literally the entire day and then I am getting peer reviewed for my class in the afternoon so I'm nervous for that (plus its a class size of 200).

    Exciting news is that the gift I ordered for FI for our wedding came in yesterday. I got him a HD camcorder (figured it would be nice to have in Greece)!

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  • ros3392ros3392 member
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    Good Morning! Last night I had an event for work and then an Advisory Board meeting. DF had dinner ready when I came home and then I just finished up thank yous from my shower and relaxed. I went for a run this morning and actually don't feel totally spent, the air is so nice out this morning! Today I have another work event and then I need to come home and get some WR stuff done.

    Heather- That's great you sold a lot.. DF actually said last night we should have a yard sale, but I just don't feel motivated for that right now, maybe when we move!
    Jamie- GL with your review! You are getting close! Are you getting excited?
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  • dbpsu18dbpsu18 member
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    GM! We didn't really do too much last night, did some grocery shopping and took the pup for a walk. DF isn't feeling too well, I think he got what I had last week, though he ofcourse is making it out to be so much worse, lol. He went to bed early last night, and let me watch the Bachelor Pad!

    Heather - congrats on the flea market success!

    Jamie -goodluck with your peer review today and all your meetings!

    Ros - goodluck getting your WR things done tonight! I wish I could get back into the swing of working out in the AM.

  • anne513anne513 member
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     GM! Last night I just relaxed and did nothing (well a little laundry). I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey with my mom and the first part of the reunion show was on. Haha! I never thought I'd see the day when my mother and I sat around discussing a reality show with such seriousness! I need a new hobby.
    Also, I must say the board was so entertaining yesterday I was almost late for work. It was definitely a day for power makeup application.  

    Heather: Glad you had a successful weekend. Also, I hope your situation at work gets better. You think they would have filled those positions before the school year...

    JamieK: Did you figure out your dilemma from yesterday about the meeting?

    Ros: Your run is motivating me...I just can't seem to get in the workout groove.

    DB: Men are definitely babies when it comes to illness.

    Have a great day ladies!
  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    Good Morning!
    I had my first class last night and it went pretty well! It's pretty laid back and generally seems like it'll be a good class. The meds I'm taking for my headaches, however, are making me feel really weird and I had a hard time concentrating in class last night! I am officially going to stop taking them b/c I just don't like the way I feel :( Other than that, I came home and took my pup for a long birthday walk and watched Bachelor Pad! I'm planning on going grocery shopping tonight then CLEANING THE APARTMENT!! lol.. hope everyone has a great day!

    H - So good you got to sell some things! It is kind of funny to see the kinds of things ppl will buy! lol - and bummer about the psychologist! Does that mean even MORE work for you?!?

    JamieK - Exciting that your gift came in! I'm sure it will be useful on your HM! GL with your review!

    Trisha - I'm still amazed that you are able to work out before work in the AM! I can't drag myself out of bed even when I have to! lol... And how sweet of FI to have dinner ready for you!

    db - What did you think of Bachelor Pad?!? Lol... I can't stand Elizabeth... she just irks me for some reason. She seems so fake or something. Honestly, Peyton is my favorite b/c she seems the most real but the whole 'couple' thing is starting to get to me! Hope FI feels better soon!
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    Good Morning All,

    Last night I had the commute from hell. The metro was all effed up near my work, and it took me an hour and half to get home (normally 30-40 min.) and then the elevator and escalator was down and it is A LOT of stairs. Even people who are in shape had to stop and rest. There were older people and people with strollers too, of course there was no announcement on the train, so no one knew until they went to leave the station. And, it was 96 degrees... so incredibly not fun.

    Other than that, FI and I made tacos and watched the Food Truck Race... which is entertaining.

    H- Holy Moly 4 am is early! Glad you guys sold stuff though! Have you had luck with your jewelry on ebay?
    Jamie- GL with your review!
    Ros- Good for you getting a run in!
    Db- I hope FI feels better (or at least sucks it up!)
    Anne- So funny about you and your Mom
    GMC- Good for you for stopping the meds... are you going to call your doctor?
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    Good Morning! I'm back to work after a nice 4 day weekend. I was going to check in here yesterday, but ran out of time! I had to meal plan, cut coupons, go grocery shopping, and clean (which didn't happen). DH and I also fit in some pool time since it was so hot. I'm SO glad my boss let me take off yesterday b/c I definitely wouldn't have felt like going to work after getting home at 10 on Sunday. We had a wonderful time in Erie at our friends' wedding! They are so perfect for each other- it was such a fun, happy day. The Sheraton bayfront is super nice- DH and I didn't want to get out of bed, it was so comfy! We also got to walk around campus, which I loved. I never thought I'd miss that place so much! We were bummed that our favorite pizza place is gone, but there's still a lot that's the same around campus/town.

    H- Nice, glad you could sell some things! Hope your school gets their act together and finds a pyschologist.

    Jamiek- GL with the review, though I'm sure you'll be fine. :-)

    Trisha- I still need to read about your shower.... I'm assuming it's one of the many posts I need to get caught up on.

    D- Hope your FI feel better soon! But yay for control of the TV!

    Anne- LOL about discussing reality TV with your mom! FWIW, my mom and I have discussed Days of Our Lives.

    G- Glad your first class went well! I hope you feel better once you stop the meds.

    Jamie- Ugh, glad I was off yesterday! So there was an issue at King St.? Your metro stop is Woodley Park, right? I cannot imagine walking the steps there!

  • JamieK1882JamieK1882 member
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    Anne-I have to go but its moved up and I should be done around 12 and home by 3 so its all good thanks for asking Smile
  • anne513anne513 member
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    That's great! I would have been so annoyed also (even if I didn't request the day off).
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