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October 2013 Weddings

Crazy Dreams

The closer I get to our wedding day, I am having more and more crazy wedding related dreams. So far, they are all related to not having everything booked for the wedding. My hair didn't get done, I forgot to give my makeup artist our address so she couldn't do my makeup, I didn't have a purse (really??). I have all the vendors booked, so these dreams are not worrisome to me, but it's just funny when I wake up I have to remind myself that I won't be putting my hair into a ponytail holder myself come our wedding day :)

Anyone else having any wedding-related dreams?
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Re: Crazy Dreams

  • I am as well.  Most of them are so insignificant that I don't remember all of the details.  But I have definitely had the one about doing my own hair and make up last minute.  I hate how much stress something so celebratory causes.
  • me too!  I had one the other day where the Dj played all the wrong songs and in my dream my fiance was like well maybe you should have met with him before the wedding.  Our Dj is the one person we haven't met yet to discuss anything with. We won't meet with him until August.
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  • Crazy dreams here too! Not at all wedding related: In One, I backed up over two chubby little boys. I got out, prayed for them, and they were better. In another, I contemplated being a prostitute. Even bought a lovely outfit, but was swayed away when one potential fellow lady of the night told me her dream was to be a nurse and she never did it. Not sure what I've been eating...,,
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  • I have only had 2 wedding nightmares (*knock on wood*) that I can remember... and I successfully stopped them from being recurring nightmares. They were both dress stress related. 1) My dress was still in Colorado on the big day. (Had the dress shipped to me.) 2) Dress was way too big and I had to wear those ridiculous clips to keep it up. (Made dress fitting appointment.)
  • I haven't had any crazy wedding dreams lately, but I have a had a few in the past.

    One I remember was that no one had rsvp'ed, but lots of people showed up and I was worried that we didn't have enough seats for them or food.  
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  • I've had a few bad dreams. I'll be glad when it's all said and done. 
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