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Fort Worth Botanic Garden - Lower Rose Garden Wedding 9/28/2013

Has anyone ever been to a wedding here before?  I'm worried about guests not being able to hear the ceremony because of the fountain.  We'll have about 80 guests.

Also, does anyone have good ideas/experiences with how to set up chairs?  I'd like to not have to put them on the grass so that guests wearing heels aren't inconvenienced.  I think you can put chairs in one of two places: (1) on the concrete/grass in front of the fountain facing the hill/pavillion, with the bride and groom on the far side of the fountain, or (2) scattered on the flat parts of the hill / steps, with the bride and groom near the top of the hill.

Any advice or, better yet, pictures, of wedding ceremonies would be greatly appreciated!  The venue staff is not very helpful on this count.  Thanks!
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