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So NOT happy!

So to start off I went and tried on dresses in Feb and was told I had plenty of time to order. I called the last week of Feb to nail down a date and was told, "Oh the dress you want has to be ordered by March 1st or will not be available." I was super mad, really?!?! You didn't think to call and let me know? This is a small town shop, I know the owner, and was friends with her daughter growing up. Next I called and made an appointment to find my bridesmaid dresses. The owner sat in the back show room while her assistant attempted to help us plus about 10 other people that walked in without an appointment. Ok maybe I'm being selfish, but you want us to spend this money? Give us some of your time! So I'm told my dress will be in the last week of June to the first week of July. I called to check in, was told I'd receive an email. I never got one, so I tried calling and was told it had come in the day prior to me calling. I call later, set up a fitting. I was given all of about 20 minutes before getting pushed out by another bridal party! On top of all that the dress does not fit!!!!!! It is to small. I have not gained an ounce, if anything lost a pound. I was measured by the owner for petes sake! I squeeze into the dress and it looks like crap, won't fit over my hips. I purposely did not want to have to wear anything constricting and was told that was fine. The back of the dress bunches up and sticks out, the side is overlapped and the assistant says to me, "It will just fit that way." I was so upset, I was ready to bawl! The assistant came into the fitting room with me and asked what was wrong, I was so upset I couldn't even talk. She then asked if it was the dress. I just shook my head, holding back tears. She then starts going on about how they can let it out here and there and that I'd need to get some spanx for my next fitting. Which is now scheduled for Saturday. I also called last week to see about the bridesmaids dresses, which like my dress had already come in. Sorry for the rant, but I'm still freaking out! Any advice?

Re: So NOT happy!

  • Did you take anyone with you to the first fitting? If there's someone near you (bridesmaid, sister, mom, close friend that's invited to the wedding) bring them along to the 2nd fitting. Having a friend's/relative's perspective may help.
  • I'm sorry you're going through this, but I kinda think you are over-reacting a tiny bit.

    When looking at bridesmaid dresses, we had no one helping us, and we were really happy that way.  We just wanted to do our own thing and try on dresses and compare how they looked. Someone waiting on us and asking questions would have been rather annoying and unwanted, imo.

    I too would be annoyed about the dress not fitting, but it appears the dress did arrive around when they said it would and you happened to call the day after it arrived. They didn't do anything wrong there. (They probably would have called you in the next day or so)

    As for the fit - what is the style of the dress? Were your measurements taken (equal to) the exact measurements of the size of the dress? It could be that the factory that makes the dress didn't follow what the shop wrote, or that the dresses aren't true to the exact measurements. The shop would have no control over what the factory makes. If the shop ordered a dress a size smaller than your measurements, then it would be their fault. Otherwise, it isn't at all. 

    Fortunately, you do have time to fix this and have alterations.  If the assistant said there was an area what won't ever fit - she may be right, or she may have been out of line. (Again, what is the style of the dress and where does it not fit? If it is a corset back for example and there is a funny bump in the corset, there is no way to fix that.)

    If you are really upset with the shop, pay for your dress in full and find another place to do the alterations. Get a second opinion and see what they say.
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