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October 2013 Weddings

Invite/RSVP Timeline?

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Ok fellow late October brides, please tell me that I'm not the only one not sending my invitations/RSVP cards out until mid August.... Am I behind the curve here? Lol. They were started over this past weekend, and should be completed within the next two weeks. We have quite a bit of out of town family/friends coming, but they've had almost a years notice regarding the date so there are no worries there (most have already made their travel plans).

Seeing everyone else receiving RSVP replies already has me wondering if I'm late to the game! Lol
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Re: Invite/RSVP Timeline?

  • I don't think so! We're mailing ours out Aug. 13 -- exactly two months before the wedding. Our RSVP date is Sept. 25. We picked that date based on when our caterer needed a final head count, how long we'd need to track down non-responders, and how much time I'd need to put together the seating chart without driving myself batty.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • Haven't mailed mine out yet either.... Hoping to get them out this next week, though, since I'll be on vacation in the middle of August.
  • We sent ours out really early, but we knew that. Our date is October 12th and they were sent out July 19th. We did not have a due date on the rsvp cards.

    I would think 6-8 weeks is plenty. I wouldn't do any less than that.
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  • Our date is Oct 5, and I just put mine in the mail today with a Sept 2 deadline date because I know FI's family will be difficult to get answers from because in his culture (and more specifically in his family) it doesn't seem like RSVP's are something they do...we'll see hopefully I'm wrong!
  • Ours will be going out mid/late August, but our RSVP date isn't until Oct. 1st (wedding is Oct. 19).  And, the reason our RSVP date is so late is because the restaurant doesn't need a final headcount until 5 days before the wedding, which still gives me almost 2 weeks to track down and make final phone calls.

    So, you're not late! 

    Hell, I haven't even ORDERED my invites yet!!  :) 

    I'm getting kind of jiggy, so I might just order mine today if FI gives me the green light.
  • Nope not too late, my date is 10/25 and I'm aiming to get them out by 8/15 but I won't freak if its a little later than that. My RSVP date is 9/25.
  • I just dropped off our invites at the Postal Museum for hand canceling, and I realized we forgot to send ourselves one! Oh well - as long as the President and Mickey and Minnie get theirs, we are good. Oh, and as long as they don't try to come, since we are past our budget on catering already...
  • Nope - I don't think you are behind at all! Our envelopes are all ready to go - but I'm waiting until mid-August to actually pop them in the mail. I am just sticking to my timeline :)
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  • You're fine. We just sent ours last week and our wedding is October 5. Our responses are due September 13.  Remember that most people you are inviting already know your wedding date, and you still will be more than 2 months out. People can book stuff in a day if they want to, even out of town guests.
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