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Here are my reviews, everything was great. I didn't have many vendors so this probably isn’t that helpful!

Marriage License Bureau

I pre-registered and was in and out within 10 minutes. We got a taxi from the Cosmopolitan which was around $25. We combined this trip downtown with a trip to the outlets.

Ceremony - Caesars

We got married at the Juno Gardens at 3pm on July 3rd. The garden was perfect; it felt very peaceful. Our coordinator arrived right on time with bottles of water, bouquet and boutonnière. The bouquet was perfect I upgraded my package ($250) for a 24 rose size bouquet but with a mix of roses and peonies. The bouquet survived for our remaining five days in Vegas and only wilted when I decided to take it on our drive to LA. The officiant, photographer and coordinator made it all very smooth. We asked the taxi driver to drop us at the entrance to the Guy Savoy restaurant; this seems a bit closer to the pool area than the main entrance but there’s not much in it. All my emails to our coordinator were responded to within 24 hours.

I went to see the chapels too, I thought they were lovely and much nicer than I expected from their brochure.

Photography - Imagine

We had Imagine photography for the 30 min ceremony and an extra hour afterwards. The photographers name was Sam, he was a great guy; loads of fun. He was very good at directing us and chose good locations (I made a few initial suggestions). He made the hour very easy and we really had a good time with him. Neither of us particularly enjoys having our picture taken but he made us very relaxed. We were able to pick up the photo disc 24 hours later and when we arrived home to the UK on 19th July there were two extra discs waiting for us which I wasn't expecting. I was very happy with the prints I received. I ordered them on a Sunday and received them two days later, on the Tuesday. I coundnt believe this considering they were coming from Vegas to Scotland. Social media sized images were included in our package but my coordinator allowed me to swap these for black and white images instead. I'd really like to use Imagine if we're back in Vegas for an anniversary one year.

As we only had an ipad with us we couldn't check the disc whilst we were in Vegas, which was fine but when we noticed that CVS on the strip had a photo printing service we ended up getting them developed whilst we were there. We really just did this for peace of mind that they looked ok. We were on holiday for three weeks so it was just too long to wait until we got home!

Reception - Canaletto

Dinner was lovely; we had the Il Moro room for three hours which overlooks the square. I felt it was a great choice as there was enough background noise from the square that the room didn't feel quiet with our small group of eleven. I agonised for weeks between Bouchon and Canaletto.  I really wish I hadn’t wasted all that time now. Everywhere we ate in Vegas was great so I’m sure anywhere would have been lovely. We were able to amend Canaletto’s set menus; substituting items from their a la carte menu, the price was very reasonable and my emails were always answered promptly.

Everyone had a salad, pasta, choice of steak, chicken or salmon then a choice of dessert. All the courses were great.

A playlist is not required, I made one but with the noise from the square you couldn’t hear it.

The only thing I would say that, although the service was good for example we never wanted for anything, they were quick and on hand but it wasn't your typical Vegas/ US service for example the servers were very quiet, they weren't particularly chatty.

Hair, makeup, spray tan and lashes - Violet Hour Salon, Cosmopolitan

I was really pleased with how everything at the salon turned out. The salon itself looks great; it’s a really nice environment and very comfortable.

It was so easy to get to the salon, we were staying on the 25th floor of the west tower so I just had to take the elevator down to the 14th floor to get right to the salon door. The gym and bamboo pool are also on the same floor.

They used various make up brands mostly Nars, Mac and Make Up Forever.

There was a discussion before I left about fake tan and I think DeeandRob1984 was interested in the Cosmopolitan salon/spray tan. I was really pleased with the spray tan. I wanted a light glow so the girl just sprayed me once, if I had been getting the tan for a party/someone else's wedding I would have had two sprays but for my own wedding once was perfect. The tan itself was the best I've had, I could honestly have gotten out of bed the next day and just put my clothes on and gone out the door, whereas with all spray tans I've had previously or when I do my own tan I'm always a bit of a sticky mess until I've showered to get rid of the residue. The shade of this one was also very nice, again nicer than the ones I've had at home (st tropez and fake bake). I got the tan on the Tues at 7pm with the wedding the following day at 3pm. I would really recommend getting your tan the night before, or two nights before (with two sprays) as nothing came off on my dress. I don’t think getting it any earlier would work; it would have started to wash off by then. I started to apply my own fake tan on the Thursday night before bed.

Not wedding related


We were in a terrace suite for seven nights, we really loved this hotel. It was very clean, gorgeous decor, super comfy bed, good housekeeping,  no noise from guests/club and we loved having the balcony. I wasn't all that sure we would use it. I thought it would be too warm in the July heat (and this was before the heatwave) but it was great.  I never got tired of watching the fountains and looking at the Eiffel tour.  The first couple of days before the wedding we were back at our room before 11pm so it was a nice place to sit at night.

If you’re going to have guests over there's chairs for ten to sit in the living area. Plus there's a dining table with space for 4 off to the side. We had everyone (9 guests) over for an hour on our first night to see the view before we headed to Serendipity for dinner.

Treasure Island

We stayed at TI for four nights at the end of our trip. We wanted to stay at this end, after staying further along the first week. I think TI really has a great location possibly my favourite on the strip, the bridge to the Fashion Show Mall and the tram to the Mirage are very useful.

My parents stayed at Vdara for a week then at TI for two nights at the end of their trip and they were also really impressed with TI, they hadn't been to Vegas before and said the TI location was invaluable to them.

Bellagio, Royal Shave

My husband had a Royal Shave at the Bellagio whilst I was getting my spray tan, he really enjoyed it not much more to say on that other than he hadn't had a hot shave like this before and he liked getting pampered!


We had meals in the following restaurants and enjoyed all of them: Serendipity, Trevi, Secret Pizza-Cosmo, The Henry, BurGR, DOCG, Maggianos, Cheesecake Factory, Sugar & Ice, Hash House a Go Go, TI buffet; Wicked Spoon and Hussongs.

As soon as we landed in Vegas I must say I felt very relaxed. It’s easy to forget when you’re planning from a far that the vendors are doing this every day and how good the customer service is.

I've attached a few pics.



Re: Reviews July 3rd

  • Congratulations!! 
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  • SD210SD210 member
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    Beautiful pictures!! Love your dress!!! 
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  • You look stunning!  Congrats!  Thanks for the reviews.
  • Congratulations! Thanks for the reviews, you look wonderful! 

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • um can I just say how gorgeous and stylish your whole group is!! I loved your dress then looked at the group pic - you guys look amazing!!!
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  • Uhh thanks! I was so pleased we managed to pull it off even though the temp must of been around 45/115!
  • SO PRETTY!!!!! I love it!!
  • Hi Spoon,


    Thank you so much for your reviews. I am nearly doing everything the same as you so it was really great to read some related reviews! Thanks again for all the info you sent across to me on email, REALLY helpful and I'm excited about it now!


    Thanks for the tips re the spray tan, I will probably go to the same place as you then as we are also staying at the cosmo hotel so it will be much easier. Glad to hear it didn't come off on your dress!


    Where did you get your dress from? I love it!


    Dee. x

  • It was from Coast

    Everything went smoothly and so easily I wish I hadn't worried beforehand but I guess that's just what happens!
  • Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  • After seeing your reviews for Canaletto I took my group there for a pre-marathon dinner on Saturday and everyone loved it!  I reserved a table for us on the patio and we had a great view of market square.  The atmosphere was great and everyone really enjoyed the food.  We got salmon pasta, risotto, rosemary chicken and a few got salads.  Great food, location and views!
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • That's great! Glad you all enjoyed it. Good to see your pictures of the Wynn. I stayed at the Encore in 2011 and had a view of that blue unfinished hotel towards circus circus!
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