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Group Discount for HMU?

So I apologize in advance the multiple questions I am going to throw on the Board today, but we just got some extra money we werent expecting so it helps me in making arrangments sooner than usual. From all you ladies extensive research on Hair and Makeup, did you find anyone who had group discounts for a bigger group or a group of a certain size? I ask, because a girlfriend getting married in October here had 7 people getting hair and makeup done and they gave them a great discount, but not sure if Vegas is in the same standard. Also, any company you recommend for a group that size in a smaller window? I dont want the person to be overwhelmed or miss getting to someone if time constraints occur.


Re: Group Discount for HMU?

  • I've booked harmony with 6 girls and she didn't mention a group discount, unless it needs to be more.
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  • My wife used Francesca and the rate for seven people (her, four BM's, mom & grandma) was less than it would have been for seven individual people for example.  I'd recommend inquiring about price to have just your H&M done with all the vendors you are considering, then once you get the quote, ask for a new quote that includes all the other people; much easier to ask for a discount that way than just asking for the group quote up front. :-)

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  • I know some offer over 5 ppl or 7 as a group rate. I would check with the company prior to booking.
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  • I just booked Francesca Lombardo and she did say they give a group discount and I love her.
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  • congrats.  group discount for how many people
  • After this post I've emailed harmony since I've booked her I wanna know if she offers a group rate..I probably should've asked first lol
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  • Thanks for all the information everybody. I already did get some quotes just for me, so maybe I will email them now with my group question.

    Appreciate it!

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    Beauty by Bri emailed me back last night. They offer a discount at 4 people.
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  • I contacted Desert and they said for 4 people, you get free lashes for everyone, for 5 people, it is 30 bucks off and free lashes for all as well. With her rates, that is pretty nice!
  • Well for future reference.. harmony does not offer a group discount. Kinda bothered by it but not enough to switch..I love her work too much
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  • With as responsives and sweet that Whitney at Desert is and the tons of awesome reviews I read yesterday, I decided to book with her, so we are officially set! :D
  • Great choice with Whitney.... I loved her work and she was super sweet. I will be using her again in Oct
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