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Anyone know anything about extensions for wedding day hair? I am thinking about looking into it but I want to make sure it's worth it to begin with.

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  • I have never gotten any, but my sister did. They looked great but she said they were a bit of a hassle to deal with after the event.
  • I got clip on extensions when I was in my friend wedding. I slept with them in and I was able to take them out with any problems. I am even planning on reusing them again for my sisters wedding and maybe mine! The brand I have is silhouette it's 100% human hair so you can keep reusing it. I paid about $70 for it and it was well work it!

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  • everything depends on the type of extension you are thinking about getting...

    Sew in- cornrows  are placed under layers of your hair and the weft (extension) is sewn into the braid...better for longer term use but can be more expensive because you have to pay someone to put them in, if you decide you like them  you can have to braids tightened.
    ^^thats what im doing for my wedding^^

    bead extensions- from what i read these sound terrible, a secton of your hair is attached to the extension with a metal bead, but you have to be very careful about brushing your hair so you dont rip out the beads...and your hair in the process

    glue in -  exactly how it sounds, the weft is glued to layers of your own hair

    clip in- best option for short term use, small clips on the weft anchor them to your natural hair easy to insert and remove yourself.

    im not an expert but i hope that helped!
    OH! and DEFINITELY get human hair, that way you can dye, cut, curl etc to match your own hair.
  • They are definitely worth it if you want to have fuller, longer hair and have that wow effect. I have clip in extensions that I use from time to time just to create more volume and length. They are very easy to put in and take out. I plan on using them the day of my wedding as well. 
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