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Food Tasting/caterers

Did any of you arrange for food tastings with more than one caterer, the idea of doing this is in order to pick the caterer? And if so wouldn't this take a really long time, considering you have to meet with each caterer, pick a menu, then find a date that you can do this? Thank you

Re: Food Tasting/caterers

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    We toured several venues with caterers. After touring then we were invited to a tasting if we were interested in the venue.

    I would say pick your venue. Do they have a caterer, try the caterer before booking. Like the food then book, you can set the menu later. The tasting isn't always every single item you will serve, for us we were able to get an idea that they would serve decent food.

    Another option is attend wedding shows/ open houses at venues caterers often attend and do samples.
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