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Thank you card oops, need etiquette/wording help!

Our wedding was June 2nd. After waiting over 8 weeks for photos from our photographers, I finally ordered and am ready to write/send out our thank you cards.
I've been dreading how to word due to this small mishap...

I was a live-in nanny. After the wedding I was opening some of our cards and found the ones with gift cards to target (4 of them, all for less than $50). I left them in the card pile in their correct envelopes and went downstairs to grab a pen and paper to write who gave us gift cards, ect.

When I came back up, the 3 year old had taken apart all of our cards. The gift cards were separate and didn't have names on them, so I have no clue who have us just empty cards and who gave us the gift cards. I figured out 1 person who gifted us one and remembered a few that just gave us empty cards, but I have no idea how to word thank yous to people that i'm unsure if they gave us a card with a target gift card or not, and I don't want to ask people if they gave us a gift or not...

So I was thinking saying "thank you for the blessing of your card" along with their attendance at our wedding, love and support ect but does anybody else have wording advice or help? I'm in a big jiffy here and majorly stressed out because I don't want to offend people who gave us more than just a card or thank the people who gave us an empty card for the financial gift.... help please! thank you! (I also posted this on the invites/paper forum but didn't know which one would be better or be seen by more people) 

Re: Thank you card oops, need etiquette/wording help!

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    I think using the word blessing is a little too deep, but that's just my opinion. Since there's really no way to know, I would just write them generically. I think asking would put people on the spot. And I'd do it fast, since I start to side eye people who take more than two months. 
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