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Today's "I'm dumb" edition with a product review

Product review: We got this Ninja mixer.  It's not a Vitamix, but it's also not $500.  I love the single serve feature for kid smoothies and ice coffee.  The pitcher is huge.  I've made black bean burgers, tons of baby food, spinach for smoothies and adult beverages.  We've used it so much it actually has a spot on the counter.

I'm dumb:  I got my Kohl's bill today.  I fully expected a $0 balance.  I was shocked when it was $100.  I was desperately trying to remember what I bought.  All afternoon I was thinking and wondering how I was going to tell DH.  I finally decided I would call and see if they could tell me what was on the bill. 

Then I realized the date of the purchases was when I was in BFE for a baby shower.  I get all wound up and and WTHeck thinking someone must have stolen my card.  DH looks at me and reminds me about the ninja.  He used my card to save 30%.  I honestly thought I was blacking out and shopping.

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