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@VarunaTT re: bikes

So, I got clips and shoes last week, and I haven't skinned my face off.  YAY!  I figured you would get excited for me.

I also rode yesterday with my brother, and then imbibed and rode home giggling.  Luckily that cafe/bar is only about 1.25 miles from my house on all trails, so I planned accordingly.  Also ALSO, it cracked me up to be sitting at a bar and look over and the chick in riding skirt and sandals is plaster lipstick on her face.  I suppose it's just funny because I scrub my face before I go anywhere and do anything where I might sweat. 

Also sitting at a bar while people are phone obsessed is sad.

Re: @VarunaTT re: bikes

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    Oh yeah, I don't bother with makeup, that would be weird.  I have to put sunscreen on and carry chapstick, so what's the point.  Also, WTF at being in sandals?!  Don't that know that ish can get caught in pedals and wheels and stuff?  They're asking for injuries!  (I yelled at a cyclist to get some lights on the road yesterday, I might've had safety drilled into my head a bit much).

    YAY for clips!  You know you're a cyclist when you walk in those shoes and make the annoying sound they do.  I'm just not brave enough yet.  I think I want to get a better bike before I even worry about upgrading to clips.

    Yes, DH has his smartphone back and he is becoming this way.  Threats have been issued and he's trying to be better, but it's a conscious decision for him to put the phone down still.

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    I was so annoying that I asked the bartender who was watching the baseball game on the tv.  He looked around and said, "no one" and he turned it off.  LOL.  I mean...engage in conversation...seriously. 

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