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Destination Weddings

Knottie Knot- About the Tradition!

The Knottie Knot is a piece of wood, plastic or metal that has been decorated in a wedding theme by a previous bride. There are a few in circulation, each of which has been made by different people, and no two Knottie Knots are the same. Each has string or ribbon attached to it which then has been adorned with postcards full advice from the Destination Brides that came before you.

When a bride gets married, she buys a postcard from her wedding location. On this she writes her thoughts, advice and wishes on it for the brides that will follow her and then attaches it to the ribbons. She then sends it on to the next person in line. 

The idea is that you wait until your wedding day, and on that day you read all the beautiful things that those who have come before you on our board have written. This tradition has been going since 2007, and a lot of Knotties have enjoyed participating in it. This is one of those great traditions that makes the Destination Wedding board one of the really close knit boards on The Knot. 

There are only 3 rules for those who wish to participate in the Knottie Knot tradition:
1. You must be an active poster on the Destination Wedding board.
2. You must mail the Knottie Knot the to the next person via Priority Mail with a tracking number.
3. You MUST enjoy both reading the advice and sharing the advice with the brides to come :) 


If you would like more information on the Knottie Knot, or if you would like to sign up, please email me at DWKnottieKnot(at)gmail(dot)com.
More information and pictures can be found at: 

If you have questions/comments/concerns you can also post below!

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Re: Knottie Knot- About the Tradition!

  • Bump!  Since I once again don't know how to copy paste and keep the original formatting.

    Anyone interested in taking over since I am barely on anymore?  It's really easy!

    1. Make this post weekly (or bi weekly) at your discretion.
    2. I will give you the password to our gmail account where we manage two spreadsheets.
    3. As you get emails, add the brides to one spread sheet with all of their info.  This sheet is color coded to make it easy to arrange the "from" and the "to" when it comes to old marrieds sending their KK to the next bride.
    4. The other spread sheet just lists who had the KK and who's next (shorter version of the above).

    I would love for this tradition to keep going, it was SO much fun reading my KK as I waited for the rain on my wedding day to pass.  Although it never passed, lol!

    Comment here or email me DWKNOTTIEKNOT @ GMAIL . COM if you are interested in signing up and/or taking over!  Thanks!
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