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dad vs. step father problems

so my parents are divorced as I'm sure many of yours are..however, I have a bit of a complication with deciding how to handle the "dad" roles. My step father is much more well off and has offered to pay for the wedding which I am SO appreciative for and he has always been a great father figure to me ever since I was 3 years old. I feel like I need to give him a special part in our wedding but I know my real dad would be absolutely crushed if I let my step father either walk me down the aisle or have the father daughter dance...suggestions on how I can make them both feel honored without hurting either of their feelings or stepping on anyone's toes??

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    Would it be acceptable to have them both walk you down the aisle? I'm having both my mom and dad walk me, because I feel they both deserve the honor. I asked my dad how he would feel about it first, that way he didn't feel like I was taking the honor away from him. 
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    I'm in a very similar situation except my mother is adamant that my Stepfather should be the only one to walk me down the aisle, etc. I have decided that they will either both walk me down or they can walk in with their wives and meet me at the end of the aisle and I will walk by myself. They each will most likely get their own dance as well.
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    I think a dad vs. step-father cage match is in order.
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