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dad vs. step father problems!

so my parents are divorced as I'm sure many of yours are..however, I have a bit of a complication with deciding how to handle the "dad" roles. My step father is much more well off and has offered to pay for the wedding which I am SO appreciative for and he has always been a great father figure to me ever since I was 3 years old. I feel like I need to give him a special part in our wedding but I know my real dad would be absolutely crushed if I let my step father either walk me down the aisle or have the father daughter dance...suggestions on how I can make them both feel honored without hurting either of their feelings or stepping on anyone's toes??

Re: dad vs. step father problems!

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    You could do two father-daughter dances, one with each father. 

    You could have your dad walk you half-way, then your step-dad walk you the rest of the way.

    You could have them both walk you.

    You could have your step-father do a reading, say a blessing at the reception (if you're religious), etc.

    My parents are still married, so that's all the advice I have, I'm sorry.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    What if one did the walking down the aisle and the other got the father daughter dance?
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    Do two father daughter dances and have them both walk down the aisle. But it's completely up to you on how comfortable you feel with each of your fathers.
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    If you choose to have your dad walk you down the aisle, then an appropriate position of honor for your stepdad is to have only him give a welcome and thanks for coming speech at the reception. You don't need a father, daughter dance, btw.
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    You could have both walk you down the aisle, or you could have father/daughter dances with both (or neither).
    My parents are divorced as well, and my mom is remarried. My dad will walk me down the aisle with my mom. And I'll be starting the father/daughter dance with my dad, and then dance with my step-dad the second half of the song.
    It just depends on your relationships with each of them and how involved you want one or the other to be.
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    Another thought, as he's paying, he and your mom could be invitation host. You could do Mr. and Mrs. James Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of Susie Ann Jones, daughter of Mr. George Jones to Mr. John William Doe, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Doe.
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