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Good morning!!

How was the weekend?

Saturday we got up and went to a big farmer's market.  It was awesome, but not stroller friendly.  We'll know better next week.  6let had his first soccer game.  He had a blast and I have to say he was a good little sport- cheering for his team and passing the ball.

Sunday I was planning on church and lunch alone.  Right at Communion a man went running out the back of the church and came flying back in with the sheriff (there is one site for every Mass).  An usher was on the phone with 911 and medical type people started descending.  I'm not entirely clear what happened, but the sheriff was carrying a little girl to the back of the church.  She was out of it and had blood streaming down her face.  The parents were trying to hold it together and a sister was crying while a brother was trying to console her.

Yeah, I skipped lunch and came home to hug my kids.

We spent the rest of the day playing and painting the kids' picnic table.

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    Weekend was good.  DH got home around 5:30 on Friday.  We just hung out Friday night and enjoyed being together.  The kids were so happy to see him.

    Saturday, I worked all day.  My sister gave us some tickets to the Colts preseason game.  We grabebd a bite at a bar we like downtown before the game.  We left at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and came home.

    Sunday, we picked the kids up from my parents and had brunch at their house.  My IL's came over for dinner. 
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    That sounds awful, 6.  I hope she's ok.

    Our weekend was nice.  The ILs took the kids on Saturday night, so DH and I went to dinner and hung out alone.  I loved it.

    This week is supposed to be a scorcher.  There are dozens of school districts with early dismissals today, but we are not included.

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    DH's fundraiser went well Friday night.  I ended up helping more than I wanted, but that's alright.

    Saturday was recovery day for DH.  We didn't do much of anything.

    Sunday was bike ride and relaxing for rest of day.  I've got some big weeks coming up at work.

    There's a bee in my kitchen this morning.  Of COURSE DH isn't here, b/c he's driving OOT again for another meeting.  Hopefully it just stays in there.  I can't find the kill spray anywhere and I don't feel like getting after it w/the flyswatter.
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    The weekend was all around 'meh'.

    Friday, the kiddo and I did play group w/ bubbles and then had lunch and donated blood.
    She didn't nap, for like the 4th day ina  row, so by evening, she was a beastie.

    Saturday I woke up in a mood and had a child who was in a mood (independent of my mood) and again didn't nap (so was a grump) all day.  We took my folks out for a belated birthday/anniversary dinner dad had told me my mom wasn't feeling well but didn't elaborate.  She's doing really poorly.
    I don't quite know the trigger, but she's 'gone crazy' again.  When I say that, i dont mean she's a little left of center or whatnot, I mean...she's talking about things that aren't there.  She's confused about everything.  She can't keep her thoughts straight from moment to moment.  She's...I don't even know how to start describing it, other than to say that I have literally dealt w/ mental patients w/ a better grasp on reality.
    I went home and fubared a craft project (x2) after that, was turned down for nookie by the Mr., who proceeded to gripe about how down he's been recently (which is truth, he's not been good for over a month at this point)--at which point I fucking lost it and went and took a bubble bath until 2 am.

    Sunday I decided I didn't have the patience for church.  Kiddo and I went to the pet store for dog food, she declined to nap (again.  I'm OK w/ her outgrowing naps, but she's such a beast when she misses them--not improved by missing them for a week now), and the Mr. and I, when he got home from work, existed in orbit around avoiding each other.
    On the plus side, i made an awesome carmel apple dump cake.
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    It was good.  Exhausting though, I didn't get to sleep in at all this weekend. 

    Saturday, we had our marathon childbirth class- it was a lot better than I expected and didn't feel like 8 hours.  They had a cord blood sales rep come in, she brought in a catered lunch and talked for a little bit.  There was a lot of butt rubbing in this class.  Then DH took me to get a mani/pedi, we had a lovely middle eastern dinner, and finally checked out Garden Ridge, which is a giant place that's basically the home decor and seasonal decorations of Hobby Lobby without the crafty shit. 

    Sunday, we had our maternity pictures at 8am.  The photographer was great, the forest preseve (an old farm) was beautiful, and it was really relaxed.  At the end, I actually got in the river for pictures, fully dressed.  Just the bottom of my skirt got wet, so it wasn't like I was fully in the river, but it was still kind of crazy.  It was so hot by then, the river felt awesome.  Then we went to breakfast, went grocery shopping, and didn't do much all afternoon.  

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    Weekend was excellent. 

    I had Friday off so I got some cleaning and our packing done.

    Saturday was more getting stuff done around the house and making sure we packed everything we'll need.

    Sunday we dropped DD off at my mom's house and got stuff together for tonight.

    Tonight we go out to NJ, leave the cat with my ILs and tomorrow morning we're on a flight out to Reno.
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    Another excellent weekend over here. DS was picked up at daycare by my mom  and I quit working on Friday at noon. Took a nap, had a late lunch, then DH and I saw We're The Millers. After that, we stopped off at the grocery store for some stuff so he could make breakfast. Slept in, ate breakfast then I took a shower and had the day to myself. Went to the fabric store, the outlet mall, and Sephora. Came home, ate, then got a pedicure. After I got home from the pedicure, we went out for dinner. Crashed that night. Slept in again on Sunday, then DH made breakfast again, and we met my parents to pick up DS. DS was pissed off at coming home with us- cried the entire way home but by dinner time was okay with it (I did buy him new underwear to bribe him into being happy). I had a shit night's sleep last night, but oh well. I'm procrastinating about going into my office.
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