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Dinner at the old folk's home

This is a story of love y'all.

Background: The town where my MIL lives (and DH grew up for several years as a kid) is very small. Nothing but small towns all around (like less than 2000 people). The next town over is restaurant that DH loves. It has: steak- specifically prime rib which is his favorite, a salad bar (which traditional Midwestern salad offerings), and everyone knows everyone so service is really friendly. The best part is that it's cheap. Like we can all eat there as a family, with MIL, stepFIL, GrandpaIL, for like $75. And have leftovers.

So DH tells me on Saturday that he wants to take me out for a nice dinner. Knowing that I'm always changing my mind on what is acceptable to eat, he asks for input. Surprisingly, no specific cravings on my end. I tell him I don't really want to drive super far and that I'd like to try some place new. But otherwise- he can do whatever. He tells me we're going out for steak and dinner is at 6:30. I can do that.

I get all ready, we jump in the car, and like 15 minutes later were there. Where are we? A gated retirement community. Yes. That's right folks- my husband brought my out for a fancy dinner at a 55+ community. It has a golf course with restaurant  that is open to the public. Pull in, and of course at 6:30 on Saturday it's pretty quiet.

We're seated, and I'm looking around. Yep, youngest people there by like 40 years. DH is telling me that this place has "great reviews" and the menu looks "really interesting". I notice that the special of the night is prime rib. And then it hits me- he has found his hole in the wall restaurant like back home. Where everything is included in the price and it's still cheap. He is PROUD of himself. I pointed this out and he was like "yeah, I guess you are right" and I'm like hell yes I'm right.

Dinner was good- nothing phenomenal on my end but DH loved it. He wants to go back. I said maybe. But I seriously got the biggest kick out of it- he's like an old man trapped in a 30 yo's body.

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