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Tall Guy Problems

Weren't a few of you complaining about the lack of taller sized kids clothes for your giant children?

Wait until they grow up into tall sized men. ::sigh::

So 2 weeks until vacation. DH and my dad are talking and they decide they'd like to buy their snorkel gear this time around because when we normally go to Hawaii, we rent. And rentals for a week can run $40 for crappy equipment (poor fitting fins and goggles, etc). Buying seems like a much more cost effective option. So we went to a sports store to check out the options and of course- they don't carry DH's size. Dude wears a 14/15 shoe and most fins stop at a size 13. So we looked online last night and nothing. Went to websites of several manufacturers. Nothing. One company makes a pair that go to size 14, but they cost $120. And that's not including the $30-40 for a mask and snorkel. I just called a local scuba store and...yep- nothing. Guess we'll be renting or buying in Hawaii which is going to be way more money.

Oh, and DS decided he wants fins. Which is no problem- we can find them (although I'm really reluctant to buy them because he'll outgrow them). But he wants orange. They generally come in blue or pink. And blue is "dis-gust-ting". Guess he's not getting what he wants either.

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